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Pooltogether used to be a “no loss lottery”. Now it’s branding itself as a “savings protocol”. That’s great and all but if we want to truly be a “savings” mechanism, we need to allow people to deposit money and forget it - maybe come back in 6 months to a year and deposit more. Right now you can’t do that because your hard earned prizes literally disappear in 60 days. I think this is absolutely NOT COOL!!! Your prizes should just automatically compound (except on eth of course). There is no reason the contract can’t just swap a tiny bit of your $5 prize to pay for any fees to claim.

Now, I understand that part of the fun (for some people, at least) may be to “claim the prize” and if you want a more steady stream of income, there are plenty of other defi interest bearing accounts out there. But why limit pooltogether to just a “prize claiming” savings protocol. Why not have a feature that allows a wallet to choose auto claim? Sure, each auto claim might cost 16 cents instead of 4 (the protocol would have to account for matic volatility during the swap), but I think a good portion of people, especially whales, would pay the extra for this option. In case of an over estimate, the difference can go towards tickets than can’t win, increasing the prize for everyone!!

And then of course, for those people who like collecting prizes by spending some time each week in the app, they could save money by disabling auto claim!

Win win for everyone! I love PT :smiley:


Yes! This will happen. It’s on our list, but we really busy working on other elements at the moment. It will come!


Wait really? In some 5 crypto years in the future, I could deposit a few MATIC to have the protocol auto-claim for me? Hmm, that’s so intriguing from a user perspective and treasury perspective.

Maybe to save on smart contract fees, only your initial prize(s) are swapped for gas. Once you reach a certain threshold of gas, then it starts using it for auto claims. Once your gas held drops below a certain threshold, your next prize gets converted to gas again, and repeat. And then of course, You could always avoid having your prize swapped for gas by making sure you hold enough gas manually. This would save you a portion of the premium for auto claim since you wouldn’t have to swap prizes for gas.

As a temporary workaround on this, you can find on discord the bot that notifies you if you win

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Yes, there is a Discord and Telegram bot!

My request has nothing to do with notifications. I could care less to be notified. I want rewards auto compounded!

Completely agree auto claim every 60 days would be a huge benefit. Even to start for a UI improvement - a countdown when you connect your wallet from the last period claimed to the 60 day limit. This would also improve page visits as users want to check on the claim counter.

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auto claim would be a great bounty!

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