RabbitHole Quest Summary - Driving new user deposits to the Polygon Pool

Hey all! DrEthereum here from RabbitHole. I recently joined the team as Head of Research, focused on applying an expanded analytical lens to on-chain engagements, with my first priority being to quantify the impact our recent quest had on PoolTogether’s protocol.

On June 4th we completed the quest for users to deposit USDT in the PoolTogether pool on the Polygon network based on our recent PoolTogether grant. Now that enough time has passed to take a closer look at the data, we wanted to share a case study to showcase insights and value driven by engaging users on both of our platforms.

Here are some key highlights (full report attached);

  • Quest period lasted 11 days w/1,000 users participating and redeeming rewards
  • More than 90% of these users interacted with PoolTogether for the first time
  • The quest drove a 12% increase in the total number of POOL holders

And here is the link to expanded quest metrics on Dune Analytics.

We’re excited to discuss the next quest in our partnership to continue the momentum, and would love feedback, questions, or comments on how the first quest went and how we can improve upon it. Looking forward to hearing back, thanks!


The only reason I have not deposited into the polygon pool is because I cannot figure out how to get any matic into my wallet on the matic mainnet

I figured out how to bridge and get some usdt but no matic to pay the gas fee

Usually the bridge deposits some matic in your wallet to use. But if you run out or don’t have any there’s still some active faucets to help: https://faucet.matic.network/

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What network do I select ??


The faucet that @Taliskye shared currently only distributes Matic on the testnets (Mumbai is a Polygon testnet, Goerli an Ethereum one). Unfortunately, it does not distribute mainnet Matic (anymore). You could maybe try Matic(Polygon) Mainnet Faucet - Get Free Matic on Layer2.

However, as @Taliskye points out, normally whenever you use the bridge for the first time for an account that has not transacted on Polygon, it should automatically deposit 0.01 Matic in your account (it did for me).

Hey yeah I used zapper to bridge and I never received any matic, unless it used the matic to bridge the tether…. Ty !

Thank you for the help !Just deposited some usdt on polygon !