PTIP-12: RabbitHole Quest to drive new user deposits into the Polygon Pool


Simple Summary

Utilize to drive new wallets to the Polygon USDT/Tether pool increasing unique deposits.


Task Details, main quest:

Deposit USDT/Tether in the Polygon Pool and participate in a draw.

• 1 POOL per user for completing the task

• First 1000 users to do the task and confirm proof on RabbitHole by signing a message will receive 1 POOL

• This quest will run for a two-week period. If some of the rewards aren’t redeemed, they will be sent back to PoolTogether Treasury

• 1200 POOL in total (200 POOL will go towards RabbitHole DAO*)

• Everyone who completes the quest will get this NFT (file too big to post in forum)

*200 POOL for the RabbitHole DAO will be locked for 1y and to be used actively in governance as a DAO delegate.

Other tasks that may be needed to complete this quest:

Bridging to from Ethereum to Polygon

Swapping on Polygon


We’re hoping this will bring more retail users into the PoolTogether ecosystem who haven’t been able to experience it before and have a chance to win the prize on Polygon.



Through the UI and quest system, new users will be given a quest to deposit into the PoolTogether Polygon USDT/Tether pool with an optional side task to bridge from Ethereum to Polygon if needed.


RabbitHole will use the PoolTogether subgraph to track if users deposit into PoolTogether and participate in a draw. A user will be eligible for the reward if they confirm their completion and signing a message on RabbitHole after performing the initial task. They will also need to be BrightID verified to guarentee they’re unique. RabbitHole will track completions of these users and provide a list of eligible users through a CSV in which the multisig address provided will reward the tokens from. RabbitHole will also mint and reward PooLTogether NFTs as users complete the tasks, which will be claimable directly through the RabbitHole UI.

Technical Specification

Step 1: Create quest line and share with community

Step 2: Distribute 1200 POOL from treasury (0x21950E281bDE1714ffd1062ed17c56D4D8de2359) to RabbitHole Multisig between PoolTogether and RabbitHole (0xf79203BeFb5fB05cc57C7D1268549AFB72860A42)

Step 3: Begin 2 week campaign (link)

Step 4: Return remaining POOL to treasury if applicable


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Drafted by Taliskye & Brian from RabbitHole

Original post: [PROPOSAL V2] RabbitHole to acquire new users for PoolTogether on Polygon - #2 by qwercus


Great value for our money in my eyes. I’m all for this.
The first step in getting the marketing machine going!


I’m in support of this of course!


Let’s get this on chain asap