Drip PPOOL into POOL Pool

Hey, I remember seeing someone suggest this on discord, and I can’t see a prop in here so I am proposing it for a vote.

IDEA - instead of dripping POOL to holders of PPOOL, let’s just drip PPOOL to them.
OVS - this removes the ‘claim POOL’ step and grows the PPOOL pool faster.

AGAINST - maybe some people would rather sell their POOL? Seems outside case to me since we are talking only about the people hodling pool in the POOL pool…


This has been discussed before indeed (without a good conclusion, so it’s worth discussing it here further). Note that it does not remove the ‘claim POOL’ step, that would still be necessary according to @leighton. It would save on deposit costs though.

Here’s a summary of a summary of his:

Oops now I deleted my reply :man_facepalming:

Thanks for your reply and summary.

I remember @leighton saying it was possible to set the faucet to send PPOOL. Just found it on discord too and see it was increasing gas though for existing pools. Discord

Does this mean not worth it?

I’ll bring this up again for you today during the end of the community call when we transition into SwimMeet. Swim Meet is where we discuss feedback & problem solve on ways to get stuff done!

Brought this up for you in the community call @lukey here were some quick notes. The call was also recorded

Some quick notes
-Faucet could win the prize but would also mean there’s more to distribute
-Unclaimed POOL is not earning towards your drip share
-Could centralize some power to the Gnosis safe? This is what controls the snapshot vote
-Might be a good idea to increase the # of signers on the multisig