Coordinape Q3 2022

Hello everyone, Lonser here,
our second quarter of Coordinape in 2022 is nearly over. (It is ending July 08, 10 pm UTC to be precisely)
In total we distributed (or will be distributing after this quarter ends) 39215 POOL Tokens (in $ terms we planned to distribute $38k, at current prices $26k) to our active contributors.

At the start of this gov post a little recap of Coordinape Q2:

Epoch 24
Our Top 3 GIVE receivers this Epoch are:

  1. Our Quiz and now even real daddy @DaBoom with 170 GIVE
  2. @Noxe with 146 GIVE
  3. @hotmike :ocean::trophy: with 130 GIVE
    In the pic you can see our Epoch 24 map!
    In total we distributed 1810 GIVE this Epoch!

Epoch 25
Our Top 3 GIVE receivers this Epoch are:

  1. @Noxe with 380 GIVE
  2. @underthesea with 324 GIVE
  3. @Lonser :ocean::trophy: with 289 GIVE
    In the pic you can see our Epoch 25 map!
    In total we distributed 1576 GIVE this Epoch!

Epoch 26
Our Top 3 GIVE receivers this Epoch are:

  1. @hotmike :ocean::trophy: with 206 GIVE
  2. @underthesea with 175 GIVE
  3. @McOso with 131 GIVE
    In the pic you can see our Epoch 26 map!
    In total we distributed 1642 GIVE this Epoch!

Epoch 27

  1. @underthesea with 192 GIVE
  2. @Noxe with 150 GIVE
  3. @Mon​:ocean::trophy: with 112 GIVE
    In the pic you can see our Epoch 27 map!
    In total we distributed 1642 GIVE this Epoch!

Epoch 28
Our Top 3 GIVE receivers for Epoch 28 are:

  1. @underthesea with 143 GIVE
  2. @DaBoom with 94 GIVE
  3. @McOso with 94 GIVE

Here a table with all circle members (that received uGMI):

Epoch 24 Epoch 25 Epoch 26 Epoch 27 Epoch 28 Total
underthesea 271,8232044 324,8730964 613,6190621 652,9474306 914,6428571 2777,905651
Tim 287,2928177 241,1167513 722,317296 374,0844654 569,2532468 2194,064577
Noxe 322,6519337 380,7106599 280,5115713 510,1151802 466,9155844 1960,904929
DaBoom 375,6906077 284,2639594 284,0179659 329,8744832 601,2337662 1875,080782
Lonser 265,1933702 289,3401015 333,1074909 272,0614294 562,8571429 1722,559535
Mon 243,0939227 233,5025381 150,7749695 380,8860012 479,7077922 1487,965224
McOso 43,14720812 459,3376979 214,2483757 601,2337662 1317,967048
drcpu 223,2044199 88,83248731 143,7621803 234,6529829 550,0649351 1240,517005
Bronder 248,7309645 319,0819123 200,6453042 422,1428571 1190,601038
Oops 70,71823204 180,2030457 294,5371498 176,8399291 441,3311688 1163,629525
Ncookie#1619 340,1202801 166,6376255 550,0649351 1056,822841
Loitering_Sean 223,2044199 154,822335 161,2941535 234,6529829 243,0519481 1017,025839
Max’ 99,44751381 76,14213198 119,2174178 153,034554 550,0649351 997,9065527
Neken 223,2044199 142,1319797 133,2429963 136,0307147 313,4090909 948,0192015
Taliskye 92,81767956 131,9796954 266,4859927 224,4506793 191,8831169 907,6171638
Gonbatfire 220,9944751 162,4365482 80,64707674 207,4468399 179,0909091 850,6158491
Torgin 72,9281768 91,37055838 150,7749695 139,4314826 319,8051948 774,3103821
Andy Kaufman 39,77900552 78,68020305 147,2685749 173,4391613 230,2597403 669,426685
gus123gustavo.x穴醇虫 97,23756906 96,44670051 101,6854446 105,4238039 262,2402597 663,0337778
LiviuC 95,02762431 53,29949239 28,05115713 81,61842882 268,6363636 526,6330663
thumbsupfinance 141,4364641 76,14213198 88,41996456 204,6753247 510,6738853
Smartinvestor 57,45856354 58,37563452 73,63428745 64,61458949 198,2792208 452,3622958
therealtuna 90,60773481 50,76142132 56,10231425 51,01151802 115,1298701 363,6128585
Folgsta 156,9060773 112,2046285 54,41228588 19,18831169 342,7113034
StarTreeTV 46,40883978 60,91370558 91,16626066 68,01535735 63,96103896 330,4652023
Leo AR 97,23756906 35,53299492 42,07673569 40,80921441 44,77272727 260,4292414
Pedro 26,51933702 40,60913706 63,11510353 61,21382162 51,16883117 242,6262304
Gabor 131,9796954 61,21382162 44,77272727 237,9662443
Anita348 55,83756345 49,08952497 95,2215003 6,396103896 206,5446926
insidetrader 58,37563452 35,06394641 30,60691081 76,75324675 200,7997385
Nico_A 51,01151802 121,525974 172,537492
jengajojo.eth 30,93922652 43,14720812 35,06394641 17,00383934 31,98051948 158,1347399
Coordinape 28,72928177 17,76649746 38,57034105 27,20614294 44,77272727 157,0449905
AidenBlvd 31,55755177 34,00767868 83,14935065 148,7145811
gambrill 46,40883978 50,76142132 23,80537507 12,79220779 133,767844
gio.eth 53,03867403 17,76649746 20,40460721 12,79220779 104,0019865
Total 4000 4000 5757,5 5757,5 9850 29365

People that newly joined our Coordinape circle during the first Quarter:

After the last distribution we have ~100 uGMI left from GIVE that was allocated to inactive people which I haven’t sent. I propose I distribute them via a Giveaway to all Coordinape circle members.
Also we have ~150 Tokens that were allocated to the Coordinape tipping circle member. I’m not sure if it is worth it to sent them to Coordinape, cause it’s such a small amount. It’s maybe easier to also just distribute them via a Giveaway.

So, after that little recap (sorry for the info dump ^^ ).

Here the plan for Coordinape Q2.
I don’t think we need to change much regarding the overall structure.
The funding would like last time come from the Grants Committee. I think (because we are in a bear market) it could make sense to lower the Coordinape budget a bit. Last time we distributed (or panned to) $38.000 worth in uGMI (In total we distributed 39215 uGMI, currently worth $26k) over 3 months. I propose we cut the budget to ~$30k.
The compensation for running Coordinape would be 1500$ for 3 months.

With the help @therealtuna Grants will mint new uGMI Options (approx. parameters: Face value 1 based on 0.9 + 50MM TVL, up to 1.4 with 250MM, redeemable in ~ 6 months).
Regarding distribution we stay with on chain distributions through something like Disperse.

Please check your Coordinape if the Polygon address that you use there, is the Polygon address that you want to receive the uGMI!!! It’s important that you make sure it’s the right address.
(Some sidenotes here: In the future we will, if possible, probably switch to using Coordinape Vaults, their in-built feature for distributing Tokens but that is still work in progress)

Last but not least, here the site where you can redeem your uGMI at the end of August.

After these formalities, also here a little Pitch why I think Coordinape in general is important:
Coordinape is a great tool to reward people for all things where they contribute to the protocol, don’t expect a reward for that themselves but definitely deserve it.
This can be general Discord activity, speaking during the swim meet, writing something in the GOV forum. Stuff like people translating or even Neken doing a Chinese Community Call or all the great stuff the MWG Group is doing. In all that cases Coordinape gives people the option to reward other community members for their contributions.

I hope people are happy with the way I have ran Coordinape in Q2 and want to continue. I hope with things like my weekly updates people were able to use Coordinape more and better than before.
I think the community and its contributors are the core of the Pooltogether protocol and Coordinape is a great way to reward their contributions!

Do you support continuing Coordinape in Q3 with a reduced Budget of 31.500$ worth of uGMI Tokens for 3 months ?
  • YES
  • NO

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This is incredible, @Lonser!! Thanks so much for putting this together. I love transparent compensation.

Everyone, be sure to also check out PoolGrants distributions to see how community members are compensated for their projects: PoolGrants


Thanks Lonser, I continue to believe that Coordinape is a strong tool to reward a broad base of contributors and equally it helps to throw a ton of POOL to those rockstars who do significant contributions as well. Keep up the great work :)!

Sorry for being a bit late on feedback here.

@Lonser thank you for the write up, as you know I’m a big fan of cordinape!

However, I voted “no” on this for the following reason.

Given 1) that the market value of POOL is (in my opinion) extremely low and 2) that we are distributing this solely in POOL I think we are giving away too much POOL. 30,000 POOL per quarter is a lot! It adds up to 1.2% of all POOL in supply over the course of a year.

I’ve mentioned my opinion on this in other formats but I do not believe that POOL should be treated as money. I believe it should be viewed as control of the protocol and therefore distributed judiciously.

I do think people in the cordinape circle absolutely should be getting some POOL but I do not think it should be primarily pegged to the current price of POOL. Instead, I’d like to see something in a smaller allocation of POOL and if we don’t believe that is enough incentive than augment it with USDC. Maybe something like 10,000 POOL as a maximum.


Hey, thx @Leighton for you input and feedback!
I definitely agree with you that we should determine how we value POOL especially during the bear market! I personally would be open to try something like 50% POOL, 50% USDC.
Just some info to maybe reduce your concerns a bit.

  • We distribute uGMI instead of POOL Tokens directly. That means at 50 million TVL people get 1 POOL Token, at less TVL less and more TVL more. The graphic explains that nicely:
  • We only distribute uGMI to active contributors
  • Coordinape helps to decentralize the protocol more
  • In Coordinape Q1 2022 we only distributed 13k uGMI (in POOL less because we didn’t reach the TVL goal), in Q4 2021 even only 3000 POOL and in the first Coordinape Quarter we started with 1500 POOL.
  • We already reduced the Coordinape budget by over 20% from $38k to $30k. At the same time, the circle also grew quite a bit, so the uGMI per contributor is even less.
  • Also something I didn’t mention in the gov post, the uGMI is send by Grants in monthly batches and value calculated at the market price then. So at the moment it is not fixed how many uGMI Tokens we distribute. If POOL price goes up next month, the uGMI amount could be much less than now.

All in all, it’s the important discussion about how we value POOL and how we want to reward our active contributors. I think, looking at the past Coordinape Quarters and also at the circle size (30k POOL for 35 people is on average “only” 850 POOL per person total over 3 months) and so I think even 30k POOL for this quarter is still reasonable but I agree with you that we probably have to look how we want to handle this in the future but that’s probably a topic for other groups in the DAO too, e.g. we spent 52k POOL in the last PTIP-74: Treasury Working Group Third Quarter Renewal.

Thanks for all the extra info! I do agree with your closing remark, as a group we need to determine a framework for using POOL… and I don’t think that framework should be viewing it primarily as money.

This is a view I’ve been trying to advocate for awhile but I think it has more urgency given the current market pricing of POOL. We risk seriously limiting our long term growth options by distributing large amounts of POOL right now.

So it might be too late now but I would advocate asking for both POOL and USDC for this next coordinape cycle (I would suggest the same to Treasury working group). Perhaps something like 10k in POOL and rest in USDC? That would still be a good bit more than previous cycles.

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