Coordinape, Continuation Q1 2022, Increasing Budget

Hello everyone,
Lonser here, this time as one of the guys running Coordinape :slight_smile:
(Regis asked for some help and Gustavo and I joined him)

The current Coordinape quarter comes to an end and we would like some feedback from the Community.
Currently we are distributing 1000 Pool per month through Coordinape. Shall we continue, increase budget, any other ideas? (For clarification, we used uGMI Options in the past, but I think we used all and Grants Team doesn’t have any more and we would return to normal Pool on Polygon)

Status quo
We currently have 62 people in the circle that are (technically / If not opt Out) able to receive GIVE and 33 of them are able to give GIVE to others.

Before epoch 17 begins next saturdayI will also make Gio.eth (Executive Team), Tim, Anne, Loitering_Gorilla, StartreeTV (All Marketing Team) to Giver. They are all (active) members of an important (and possible soon even paid) GOV group and so should be trusted to have an own GIVE allocation. (Edit: And also adding DaBoom for being an active user, and contributions like joining me in boosting Bryde’s odds)

About adding new people
Currently we have no “hard” requirements who gets a GIVE allocation. Even if we tried it’s probably very hard / impossible to define hard requirements for Coordinape.
I think going forward we could maybe use an “informal” vouching where 2-3 people say “Hey this person should get a GIVE allocation”. It just should be someone you think is active and can make an informed decision who to allocate to. I’m sure there are currently stil people like this in the circle. Adding people to the circle (without a GIVE allocation first) could be working the same way, just that the treshhold is lower. (Btw. Coordinape has a vouching feature you can use yourself to do that :slight_smile: )

(Also, we need to better outline the offboarding process, there is 1 inactive member and 1 I may wrongfully added (not contributing / receiving GIVE) of the current circle.
Maybe it could help if I make a Thread in Coordinape where people people can explain why they want to be added, want to be a Giver or should/shouldn’t be removed. I don’t know if making this public is the right way, but I don’t know a better way. Any feedback / inpute is appriciated).

Increasing Budge in Pool amount / decreasing in USDC amount
With an increase of the overall circle size (3 months ago it was 25, now 62 and hopefully soon even more) we thought it could be helpful the increase the current budget of 1000 Pool a month. 3 months ago, we already increased the budget from 550 POOL a month to the current 1000 Pool a month. The Community was in favor, but the time was different cause the overall POOL emission was 2400 POOL per day, so 1000 POOL per month to (active) Contributors was in proportion and not much. On the other hand, POOL price has shrunken quite a bit.
( Here you can see the Discussion about that 3 months ago).
Personally, I think POOL spent for Coordinape is POOL spent well. In the total scheme it’s still not that much for a Grant (Grants Team has 500.000$ for things like that) and the POOL is not lost but goes back into the Community to (active) contributors. Some could argue that’s even more important now that emissions from Prize Pools have ended.

Edit: I didn’t want to propose a concrete number tbh but more discussing the overall sentiment about an increase (Partly because I wasn’t sure about it myself).
I looked into the Doc for funded Grants and last Coordinape quarter was 3000 POOL for 3 months but in USDC it was 43.000$. Looking at it this way I would propose an increase to 9000 POOL (currently 38.000$). In USDC terms we would still reduce Coordinape spending, although the circle increased.

I want to stress out the part about grants and adding the overall outcome we hope to achieve with Coordinape. We hope to achieve more Community Contributions, especially outside the current framework of (paid) working groups (like treasury, grants, maybe soon executive team) and planned contributions paid through grants. We hope to give people through Coordinape an incentive to do things for the protocol without already being paid through something like grants or a paid position. Outside of maybe tipping there is currently nothing like Coordinape. So overall I / We this Coordinape Continuation with increased funding in POOL amount (less USD funding than 3 months ago) in the grand scheme of things (compared to other grants and the value it could provide) justifies the necessary costs.

Where what the funding come from and compensation
The funding would come from Grants Team (that would also need to approve this but I think they will probably follow what the Community expresses in this GOV Thread). The funds will be hold in a Gnosis safe with Regis, Gustavo and me as signers. (Before it was held by Regis)
The compensation from last Coordinape quarter was 600$ for Regis. (For the whole quarter, not per month).
He wants to include Gustavo and me for compensation (which we are thankful for and didn’t know that when starting to help) and proposed 750$ for each of us for the next quarter. An offer from me/us proposing additional compensation for him as a kind of lead was politely declined.
Gustavo and I would like to receive POOL Token as compensation (at current price 180 POOL) and Regis 750$ in USDC.

I want to say that, no matter what the Community decides, I would want that Regis keeps his compensation and I would still helping him with Coordinape.

This whole post got a bit long and my writing style is not so good, so if anyone needs an TL:DR, I can do this ^^

Please vote and feel free to comment with any other ideas :slight_smile:

*First poll has a small typo, it means: „Should we increase…“ Sorry for that.

Shall we incease Coordinape budget to 3000 POOL per month / 9000 per 3 months (this is a decrease in USD amounts compared to last quarter) ?
  • Yes
  • No

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Do you agree with the proposed compensation? (750$ each for 3 people for all 3 months)
  • Yes
  • No

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Overall, I’m in favor of increasing the budget but I’d love to see some light analysis on what has happened in the last 3 months… do we feel the people getting the POOL are the people who are contributing the most?

That’s the main question – if we are increasing, I want to make sure it’s going to the people who are doing the most work!


Ofc, great idea! :slight_smile:
I will post for example who got the most POOL in Epoch XY and maybe second and third place too. And generally if we are distributing broadly across many people or more concentrated to a few.
„Doing the most work“ is hard to quantify cause Coordinape is mostly for appreciating informally what people are doing. But I will look if I can include that into the „light Analysis“.
And I totally understand your concerns, last quarter 1 or 2 people abstained from voting cause they felt like they already got compensated (in their opinion) enough.
Other people voiced concerns that some people doing their contributions silently without much recognition are maybe not getting enough.

A program like Coordinape is always just as good as it‘s members doing the Giving.
We hope that the Givers are trying to looking out for those things.
Maybe in the future I / We from the Coordinape team could try to highlight (one per Epoch, near the end) some contributions that some people may not have noticed.

Thx for your feedback :slight_smile:

Btw. For people having no idea what we are talking about when we say Coordinape, this Notion site made by Tjark is a great start!

I agree with raising the budget but am wondering why we wouldn’t just mint new kpi options. This is the best way to award those who are long term aligned with the protocol and it has been a great success.


Firstly Lonser, thank you very much for everything you are doing for the PT Community! First an Admin and now taking over the Coordinape.

I think the Coordinape is such an important part of the protocol as it is a relatively easy way for people to be recognised and rewarded for their efforts.

I think the 3,000 POOL per quarter and the compensation work well.

I would caution against any kind of restrictions or making it complex e.g. different circles. Coordinape is generally an extra reward for work done or even informal contributions made.

We are still relatively small so we can keep to how people are added and awarded GIVE but may need to re-evaluate this as the protocol grows

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Thanks for taking the time to write this up and lay out the current situation. Thanks for taking over!

I agree about increasing the overall budget, and would like to explore minting new uGMI options as suggested by @TheRealTuna.

The current circle seems to have grown a lot, so I think we should also explore options to offboard inactive members. I hope the size of the circle encourages people to think about who they allocate to and reflect the past epoch.

I have the feeling that the current inbalance between givers and non-givers could reduce the effectiveness of Coordinape. I believe we should try to keep those numbers as close together as possible to profit from its mechanics.


I also think that minting uGMI (if possible) would also be better than giving POOL, as this keeps people aligned with the protocol over time. I honestly do not know how or who has done that in the past, but I’d be happy to help with the process of we decide to do so.

Without wanting to sound too rough, I also think that there are some people in Coordinape that should opt out (due to not contributing to the protocol for a long time). If they do not do it by themselves, eliminating them from the circle sounds like the logic thing to do IMO.

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To clarify: PoolGrants is currently out of uGMI but we can always mint more. (We could mint them with the same expiry date or a later one.)

I personally like uGMI as it also has a “vesting” part to it which should increase long-term alignment.

I’m in favor of increasing the budget to match the same dollar amount as previously.

In terms of compensation, if you guys are sharing the work that regis did before, I think it makes sense to share the compensation too.
That amount was previously $1000 for the quarter to Regis (The $600 you wrote in the post is incorrect).
I think the total amount should stay the same, you can split it amongst yourselves however you like.

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I think Regis was underpaid for the work he put in and it would not be enough to have these 3 split only $1,000 for this. If we want to attract more contributors we need to be better about compensation and status within the community. I support the budget proposed by @Lonser and am in for 3000 uGMI per month. Also would like to trim some people who are not contributors.


I’m up for increasing the coordinape budget as the price of the token has decreased, the size of the circle has grown, and the work getting done by the majority of the circle is great for the Whole.

I’m unsure as to the fair compensation for the 3 coordinape admins because of my inexperience with that position. However, I vote yes to the above proposed compensation for two reasons:

  1. The three of you are trusted comm members, if you feel the work is sufficient to garner that rate, so be it, I support you and trust that if you find the work is way less than you thought, you will make a change.

  2. With the size of the circle growing and some concern of some members of the circle not contributing…etc, I feel your responsibility of vetting/off boarding may add to the responsibility in an effort to grow the process.

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Thx everyone for your feedback :slight_smile:
It seems the Community definitely wants to continue Coordinape and also would be fine making it 3000 POOL/month instead of 1000 Pool/month (in USD we are even lower with current POOL price than last quarter).

Also, it seems it is technically possible to continue with uGMI / KPI options and most people are in favor of this too. So we do that :slight_smile: (I’m personally also in favor of this :slight_smile: )

Regarding Compensation we also heard your feedback and decided to run Coordinape with “just” Regis and me with 350$/month each.
That’s cutting expenses by 20%, to 2050$ for 3 months. Just using the 1000$ Regis took so far wouldn’t in my opinion reflect the current situation (the circle grew a lot and hopefully will grow more) and I think the proposed new number is fair.

Also regarding the “light” Analysis wished for by @Leighton :
Here is a grahpic about our TOP Givers and TOP receivers so far:
TOP Givers:

  1. Taliskye
  2. regisisland
  3. Torgin
    … (see pic)
    TOP receivers:
  4. Oops
  5. underthesea
  6. Mkkoll
    … (see pic)

We are the 7. biggest circle on Coordinape (just 6 people short to be 4. biggest)
(Edit: Seems to be a bit outdated, we are at 58 now, but generally we are one of the biggest circles)

We have a good Growth rate and hopefully more members want to become (active) contributors and join Coordinape:

And I recently removed 4 members of the circle due to inactivity, in the future I / We will keep an eye on that, so that like Leighton said it: “people getting the POOL are the people who are contributing the most”


Hey Lonser, I can confirm the dashboard is out of date for Coordinape. I’ve talked with Reese briefly on it, they are working on something :slight_smile:

I’m for the increase in POOL, I would prefer uGMI tokens as it aligns incentives. Grants can certainly mint more as Torgin has stated. Personally, I think we should try to align everything, Coordinape, Grants, Marketing Working Group → what timeframe makes sense for the uGMI tokens to vest? I think it’ll be a little more than 6 months away from now, but I don’t know to be truthful.

In regards to the budget for the 3 of you. In my opinion Regis has short-changed himself in the effort Coordinape takes. I’m sure he’s got methods to make things smooth, but I’m also pretty sure he puts more than 10 hours of work in in a quarter; establishing people, doing the maths, setting up the bots to distribute, checking with coordinape folks to stay in the know, responding to questions in discord. I would say that with the addition of people is an addition of expectation, such as some impact analysis of the efforts.


Is it possible for people to have the option of receiving uGMI, or POOL directly? If so, I think people should have the choice.