PTIP-74: Treasury Working Group Third Quarter Renewal

PTIP-74: Treasury Working Group Third Quarter Renewal

Simple Summary

The Treasury Working Group (TWG) was formed after PTIP-46 was passed. Last quarter, the TWG was funded with 12,820 POOL for our third operational quarter, plus 3,000 USDC for execution and reimbursement costs. Now that the TWG’s second operational quarter is complete, members are seeking renewal for a third quarter and a budget request of 38,029 52,314 POOL/quarter, as well as 2,000 USDC (to be converted to ETH) for PTIP and execution gas costs.

If this PTIP is approved, the TWG’s third quarter would begin on Wednesday (15 June 2022).


The TWG reviewed our third operational quarter performance and outlined our third quarter deliverables in the forum post below and within the TWG Notion page.

Per our original proposal, the TWG’s core purpose is to:

  • Ensure safety and prudence go into every decision
  • Drive future protocol growth
  • Identify sustainable solutions
  • Present objective data to the community

In keeping with our core purpose, the TWG will focus on our core duties plus the following high level deliverables, which we’ve identified as top priority for our third quarter:

Core Duties

  • Quarterly review of DAO inflows/outflows
  • Analyze protocol-owned liquidity (POL) options, performance
  • Regular reviews of /recommendations for Prize tiering, simulation
  • Asset management analysis, options
  • Identifying potential yield sources, assessing risk

Q3 | High Level Deliverables

  • Analyze, review prize pool network once testnet is live
  • Work with DAO working groups, participants to identify areas for growth
  • Identify existing infrastructure we can use to create product bounties to drive growth in revenue
  • Participate in PoolTogether DAOs purpose discussion to align TWG’s mission, values with DAO

TWG Membership

In our third operational quarter, @BraveNewDeFi will be the proposed chair and, if approved, he will continue to act as the TWG Chair. He would continue to be responsible for coordinating communication, posting feedback/comments on the forum, and maintaining close communication with the PoolTogether Inc. team to ensure both the TWG and the protocol are working toward the same goals.

In our next quarter, the following TWG members will remain as contributors:

  • underthesea
  • drcpu
  • TheRealTuna
  • DaBoom
  • BraveNewDeFi (Llama)
  • yuan-han-li (Llama)

While the TWG is not actively looking for new members, we welcome any and all applicants who wish to reach out and talk with current members about the potential to join and work toward the TWG’s core purpose.


The TWG provides objective analysis and data for any governance proposal or forum post that discusses a potential use of treasury funds. During our second quarter, the TWG provided analysis on POL initiatives, received approval to experiment with Uni v3 on Polygon, advised on prize tiering to reduce subsidy but stay competitive, advocated for deployment on Ethereum rollup solutions (i.e., Optimism), and more. For a full review of our activity, Poolers can review the Treasury Working Group page on Notion.

Members of the TWG have played a vital role in governance discussions regarding prize tiering and simulation.

For our proposed third quarter, the TWG will focus on pressing issues for the DAO: namely, reviewing the new prize pool network on testnet, potential avenues for growth, infrastructure that can be used to create new products (via bounty), DAO expenditures, and POL analysis, recommendations. The main theme of our third quarter will be on sustainable practices, which concern DAO expenditures and growth initiatives (re: growing inflows to offset outflows).

The TWG will also expand the core duties of the working group, like those stated above. Over our first two quarters, members have provided sound analysis and recommendations on the proposed core duties–the community has been receptive to the past RFCs and PTIPs put forth by the TWG, as reflected in governance outcomes.

We’ll also work with other working groups within PoolTogether, such as the Marketing Working Group (MWG) to determine how the protocol can balance expense management with the Optimism launch campaign and the mutli-delegator contract to achieve growth in deposits.

In our third quarter, the TWG will deliver on our core purpose, while providing DAO members with the objective analysis and insight necessary to make informed decisions on treasury-related governance proposals.


In our second quarter, the TWG requested a budget of 12,820 POOL/quarter, with an allocation of 4,273.33 POOL per month that was distributed via Coordinape. Distributions were executed from the TWG Polgyon multisig: 0x8F8e905Cd8b7b0e435e1030BE250970Bf8c9ab8B

Over the course of our second quarter, 4,273.33 POOL were distributed among active contributors each month.

When our second budget was requested, POOL was ~$3.34/POOL. The TWG chose to be paid in POOL to align incentives with the DAO. The total quarterly budget was $30,000 USD, or $10,000/month. During our second quarter, the average contributor received $712.16 in POOL for their monthly contribution due to the change in POOL prices.

For our third operational quarter, the TWG is seeking $35,000 in POOL, which is equivalent to 38,029 52,314 POOL/quarter, or 12,676.33 17,438 POOL/month at the market price of $0.92$0.66/POOL. We still believe payment in POOL aligns incentives with the community and drives us to work for the betterment of the protocol. An increased allocation to our budget is intended to reduce the churn of contributors and provide incentives for at least 6 contributors, so we can expand the scope of the TWG’s analysis and core duties.

If this PTIP is approved, our third quarter would begin on Wednesday (15 June 2022).

Review of, Request for Compensation Related to On-Chain Governance Gas Costs

Members spent a total of 0.48808710089 ETH in gas costs for submitting on-chain transaction executions and proposals on behalf of the TWG. This amount includes direct costs from the mainnet multisig and the reimbursement costs for members.

Our initial funding was 3,000 USDC, which was converted to 0.87367 ETH. Currently, the TWG has 0.3856 ETH remaining in the mainnet multisig. As there are additional gas costs associated with submitting on-chain proposals and executing transactions on mainnet, we request a 2,000 budget in USDC that will be used to acquire ETH that is held in the TWG multisig on mainnet; some of this funding will go to reimbursing TWG members over the next quarter for executing transactions and submitting on-chain proposals. Any ETH that is not used for executing on-chain proposals can be returned to the treasury or rolled over at the end of the operational quarter.

TWG Gnosis Safe on Ethereum

Distribution will be on mainnet, funds will be held in a 3/6 Gnosis Safe with the following signers:

  • BraveNewDeFi - 0x06223C0093Fc9FC872C8968BF13a15AE18f2484f
  • BRONDER - 0x3bc1158e5bcE8c10e5DA0EdFBB94b261eec46A76
  • underthesea - 0x93146d9978d286EE085ba68eE1786a0b6EDA64EC
  • drcpu - 0xC734011dBd90677eb42C0F93827665F0ddaed46F
  • TheRealTuna - 0xa31c2232842e631cCb2d2E4110B356Bab21E6020
  • DaBoom - 0x08C7cBC0ad61d556613e708Dc7af2d5F108a2C90

PTIP gas reimbursement and Coordinape funding will be distributed from this multisig.

Technical Specification

  1. Withdraw [2,000] 2000000000 PTaUSDC from the prize pool
  2. Transfer [2,000] 2000000000 USDC to TWG multisig
  3. Transfer [52,314] 52314000000000000000000 POOL to TWG multisig

TWG mainnet multisig address: 0xB74659A1011F6DCA3BA6F6e22a71bA8f414F36A1


Do you support the Treasury Working Group’s third quarter renewal PTIP?
  • Yes, I support in its current form.
  • No, I do not support in its current form (add comments below post, please)

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EDITS MADE: On 13 June 2022 at 2:15pm EST, I changed the POOL amounts to reflect POOL prices as of today since we requested $35,000 for our third quarter.


Since its inception, the Treasury Working Group has been a prime example of working transparent, thoughtful, and with nothing but the values of the DAO in mind. I believe the TWG has positively gone way beyond its responsibilities and mandate.
I’m all for renewing the Team based on this proposal. Thanks for all your work!

I wonder if there are any current/past roadblocks the group is facing and if there are ways for the DAO to remove those. The group has proven to be extremely valuable and I think as a DAO we should do our best to avoid frustration by being pro-active. :slight_smile:


Full support!
It’s cool to see your are using Coordinape to distribute the funds to the different members of the TWG!
And also great to see that the TWG wishes to continue receiving their reimbursement in POOL Tokens, I’m sorry that you guys have been affected by the sinking prize AGAIN but happy to see that you don’t see this as a demotivation but continue to deliver great work!

The way the TWG developed over time is very positive, from the beginning and some general overall Treasury analysis to more duties and responsibitlites for example determining good prize distributions. Special thx to @underthesea doing a lot of work behind the scenes and also @BraveNewDeFi doing great work as the “face” of the TWG and updating the Community regularly during the Community calls of what is happening regarding the Treasury! (Still ofc. also a thank you to all other members, shout out to the newest member @DaBoom )

“While the TWG is not actively looking for new members, we welcome any and all applicants who wish to reach out and talk with current members about the potential to join and work toward the TWG’s core purpose.” I would like to do that, as I said in the Discord, I just want to read along and learn more. I’m also a Grants Reviewer now, so if there is anything regarding Grants, feel free to hmu and we can strenghten the connection between the different protocol groups, with TWG, MWG and Grants :slight_smile:

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Renewal PTIP is live