PTIP-69 Polygon Uniswap V3 WETH/POOL Liquidity


Simple Summary

The Treasury Working Group (TWG) proposes deploying WETH/POOL liquidity on Polygon to support the POOL token and broaden our community knowledge of Uniswap V3. ## Abstract We propose that the TWG be approved to execute the deployment of a Uniswap V3 position on Polygon for WETH/POOL. The deployment would be maintained by the TWG for 90 days at which time it could be re-evaluated and potentially renewed.


The majority of PT users now are on Polygon, and while over 100k POOL currently circulates on Polygon the liquidity is extremely shallow resulting in high slippage. This proposal will add significant support to the POOL token on Polygon. In addition we are looking to build community knowledge as we move towards a much greater cross-chain liquidity solution for the POOL token. Lastly protocol owned liquidity will generate fees for the protocol. ## Specification Transfer 25k POOL and 6525 GTC from the Treasury to the TWG Gnosis safe. The TWG will then swap the GTC for ETH and bridge both POOL and ETH to Polygon. The tokens will be added to WETH/POOL on Uniswap V3.


Previous attempts for protocol owned liquidity with Olympus PRO and Ondo LaaS have been deemed unsuccessful and the protocol is looking for the most effective liquidity solution to support the token. We have chosen to use half of the treasuries Gitcoin holdings because they represent the largest unutilized holding in the treasury. WETH will be the base pair for its popular routing and to build some position for the treasury as the POOL token appreciates.

Technical Specification

contract: POOL 0x0cEC1A9154Ff802e7934Fc916Ed7Ca50bDE6844e
transfer 25000000000000000000000
to 0xB74659A1011F6DCA3BA6F6e22a71bA8f414F36A1

contract: GTC 0xDe30da39c46104798bB5aA3fe8B9e0e1F348163F
transfer 6525000000000000000000
to 0xB74659A1011F6DCA3BA6F6e22a71bA8f414F36A1


RFC: RFC: Protocol Deployed Liquidity On Polygon Uniswap V3
Snapshot Vote: Snapshot
Onchain Vote: PoolTogether Governance


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