PTIP-70 Uniswap V2 POOL rewards renewal

PTIP-70 Uniswap V2 POOL rewards renewal

Simple Summary

Continue POOL distribution to UNI V2 liquidity providers for 60 days


Supporting POOL/ETH liquidity on mainnet where the majority of trading volume occurs Further distributing the POOL token to protocol participants


The current POOL incentives end in less than 3 days. This proposal continues the LP rewards at 150 POOL per day. This distribution would last 60 days at which point it could be renewed by governance or left to expire.


Without liquidity the POOL token will become more volatile. Pending a new liquidity solution we should continue our rewards to Uniswap V2 POOL/ETH. The liquidity providers provide an important service to the protocol and have proven themselves long-term aligned.

RFC: PTIP-69 Polygon Uniswap V3 WETH/POOL Liquidity
Onchain: PoolTogether Governance
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