Contract interaction estimator tool

one of the most common complaints i seem to see is that gas fees are too high. the pooltogether team has no control over gas prices, but perhaps we could make it more transparent for people what depositing into a pool could cost them in gas.

this could be achieved with a complex tool that frequently updates high/med/low estimates of approving+depositing.

or, it could be achieved by pulling data from the most recent 50 deposits to display a small graph of what users already paid to deposit that day/week.

if people could see this tool/graph/cost estimate before going to their favorite exchange, it could save some headaches and make pooltogether as a whole much more beginner friendly.

i dont code, so i dont know the feasibility of this but it seems like pulling/scraping recent gas fee data from the pool contracts might be worth the effort. thoughts?


Actually even the first option that calculates the fees for approval + deposit should be pretty easy to implement. Essentially you just need to get the gas price (given by many APIs) and multiply it by the current eth price and 450k (that’s the gas limit for a deposit I believe).
Basically if we could get 450k pre-pasted into ETH Gas Station | Consumer oriented metrics for the Ethereum gas market that would already be it.

Some additional functionality like "cost over the last 7 days and “minimum cost over past 7 days” might be useful to give people an idea of how much they could save by waiting for good gas prices.


It should be fairly to implement with the GasNow API: TAICHI Network - Blockchain Network Infrastructure


Yeah I’m a big fan of having a gas fee estimate in the UI when withdrawing/depositing, along with a tooltip briefly explaining that gas fees aren’t us taking a cut of their withdrawal/deposit. A little bit nicer would be to have it colour coded based on a 7 or 30 day average, or even some constant we hardcode and deem “high” for simplicity.

Ethereum Developers APIs | Etherscan for reference.


Good idea to be implemented