Compiled List of Cool Projects! 😎

Dan from ChainShot posted in Discord requesting a list of possible projects his 16 students could work on. I’m putting my ideas here.

  1. Winning odds & POOL Calculator

Many people have asked for a website where they can input a deposit amount and it could show them statistics about their deposit. Specifically, how much POOL would they receive per week and also what their odds of winning would be. To calculate these numbers you’d just need to use the faucet drip rate and combined prize pool data in the contracts listed here:

  1. Custom prize strategy

Currently, winner selection is based proportionally on your deposits. If there is $10 million deposited and you have $1 million then you have a 10% chance of winning. This can be updated by swapping out the “prize strategy” contract. Many in the community have suggested ideas like 1) weighing deposits quadratically 2) doing winner selection based on wallets and not deposits 3) capping the total amount a given wallet can deposit. Prizes could also be awarded more frequently or simply split among more winners. All of these could be areas to explore.

  1. Lower gas & prize splitting

A huge barrier to entry right now is gas costs. About 75% of the gas costs to deposit are because of Compound Finance. Every single deposit and withdraw into and out of PoolTogether goes into and out of Compound Finance. If someone could build a simple batching mechanism it would be way cheaper to join the pool. Everyone who joins through the contract could split any prizes which also addresses another desire the community has expressed. Some code has already been done to enable this: PoolPod/PoolPod.sol at main · wilsoncusack/PoolPod · GitHub


Build a stripped down user interface to join PoolTogether. Use Magic.Link for the wallet (enables just a login with email). Perhaps JUST show the USDC pool (as that is easiest for people to get).

Other ideas??


I would like to add the idea of building a prize strategy that has a predetermined “winner”.
It could be used for subscription models, where people pay for things like Patreon with their interest, rather than their own money.
This idea comes from @futzco on Twitter. He elaborates more in this tweet:


A sort of far off vision I have of what POOL could become is… the no risk lottery is just one application of the concept. So when a user deposits initially they can have the option to determine what amounts to contribute to what application and each pool could be for different things; one being the first application of the no risk lotto.

So, if there were natural dapp integrations to make, we could add another application and it can give the user another option to decide if they want to contribute any percentage of their interest to that pool. Donations, Payment Rails, etc.

The subscription model is excellent as outlined above as an additional application. For example, youtubers often leave donation ETH addresses in the description of their videos… so you could have something as simple as contribute 90% to no risk lottery and 10% to that ETH address as a donation to the content creator each week unless the user opts to change it. I guess that would mean the content creator would need to claim the reward themselves and need to know that they are being tipped, but just to give an example of another application the pooltogether protocol could be used for; I think it’s possibly one that could work well.

  1. gas fee estimator/calculator for crypto beginners to have an idea about the costs associated with participating in pooltogether