Whimsical ideas

Whimsical ideas

generate revenue

  1. cross chain dex like anyswap, V4 now support and have have liquidity on ETH, Polygon and AVAX. V3 suport BSC and Celo.


  1. Lottery game like real life, make PoolTogether addictive ( lottery addictive), people get to choose their numbers, increasing jackpot prize if no one won grand prize, etc.
    If this success, be can then build a no-loss casino. (stack pool token and get swim point, then participate in Roulette, slot or poker, something like “decentraland” casino)
    2%-3% adult become Gambling addiction, 1 % will become Ludomania. We can make Pooltogether and real life lottery have relation as “Chewable nicotine tablets for smoking cessation” and "cigarette” (Helping lottery addictive people to save money)

  2. Equal chance to win, 100$ NFT, every account can only mint one 100$ NFT, and can trade NFT back to PoolTogether for 100$. Long time ago, people ask for a pool that everyone deposited same amount and get same chance to win the prize. we can delegate all fund to 1 nft holder everyday.

  3. swim point transfer into gift card, point, P2E, NFT , redeemable limited nft. (games:Steam, ubisoft;real life redeemable: Adidas, akiba catcher;membership: Netflix, Spotify;travel: agoda, expedia;even work with real life lottery) try to connect to real life.

  4. build a PoolTogether Guild, gamefi team, even stadium in derace. (a gamefi guild sponor by PoolTogether), i believe we got lots of gamer in pooltogether community.

charity and sponsor (delegate is super powerful feature)

  1. own e-sport team or sponsor e-sport event( delegate chance of wining to e-sport account)

  2. charity account( delegate chance of wining to a charity account) we can have different account donate to different animals or charity group. sea turtle account, gorilla account, etc. Charity group will give Certificate of Appreciation, then we mint it as NFTs, send to the people who delegate to this account.

  3. PoolTogether Venture Capital (Fund from a VC account), dreams or product( like kickstarter)

  4. delegate to a Ferrari account, when collect enough prize ( money), we go to dealer and buy a Farrier then ship to lucky winner(pick from people who delegate to Farrier account). Most of the time import tax+ delivery fee + car from USA is cheaper than local dealer ( winner have to pay import tax+ delivery fee)
    Shipping Porsche from USA to Germany, shipping cost + import tax + USA car price is less than buying from Germany dealer. (get this information from Germany friend, not sure it is true or not) But it is definitely cheaper shipping car to Taiwan.
    If Elon Musk or Tesla want to sponsor we can do a Tesla as well.

  5. no-loss subscriber, sponsor content creator (paid subscribe) and you can get fund back when unsubscribe


  1. CRV have proved they have best tokenamic in DeFi, vesting and get boost reward.
  2. selling vest pool token (bond) by our-self
  3. only vest pool token count as vote
  4. voting gain reward, airdrop, or even bonus
  5. vest reward

pool token use-case

  1. Deposited Balancer LP token USDCl:POOL 80:20 or 90:10 (low impairment loss)instead of USDC in V4, able to generate interest from Balancer and aave, and make all player have to own Pool token to join.
    20 million deposited in 80:20 will increase 4 million dollar worth pool token liquidity
    20 million deposited in 90:10 will increase 2 million dollar worth pool token liquidity

  2. vest pool token to get extra reward on v4
    if you are not vesting it will be 7% prize apr( always 1% more than aave variable),
    if you stack it i will give you 15% more apr(10% in usdc prize apr and 5% in vest pool token)
    plus 8% percent on pool pool (the longer you vest the more vePool you get)
    1000 pool vesting 1 year will get 250 vepool
    1000 pool vesting 4 year will get 1000 vepool
    it will be 30% in total.

  3. buy-back pool( bot), a pool buying back pool token every day
    buying 1% total fund everyday + interest generate from treasury or reserve, and vested pool token.(vest token leaner unlock for 6month, can be vest 4 year directly)

prize apr increase by time

  1. pool apr increase by time, 60 day to max apr

debit card( JEEPNEY’s idea)

  1. Ledger
  2. crypto . com
  3. SEBA bank (crypto defi friendly bank)
  4. PoolTogether Inc. + VISA (PoolTogether Inc. swap PTAUSDC into USDC, and VISA debit take USDC from PoolTogether Inc )
  5. Binance, i believe binance will have debit card very soon.
  6. circle
  7. and all other crypto friendly bank(Bank of America, JP Morgan, etc )


  1. asking other protocol to accept ptausdc or pool token as collateral(aave or rari Capital)

extra reward

  1. aave and compound gives extra reward on curve, aUSDC, aDAI (aave); cUSDC cDAI (compound)

user experience

  1. Delegate wining chance to most unlucky player. To make them into a whale (turn unlucky into luckiest player) accumule unlucky and most unlucky each draw.
  2. api, notify player by email if they won a prize.(remind unclaimed user) tag user or send dm on discord privatly