Borrow or Buying wining chance(make a real lottery)

Borrow/Buying wining chance

1$ can buy $10000 wining chance/ Day

small fish can get super leverage

whales can get stable income by doing this

i understand that this didn’t fit the goal of PoolTogether

but i think this can actually makes money, if we charge service fees .

we can a make a new protocol for this features , like the relationship of Curve Fi and Convex.

connect the the idea of vePOOL by Leighton, we can make a POOL WAR!!

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I like the idea but worry about what hurdles it could cause for our other goals. Will banks and exchanges want to integrate with a platform that hosts gambling? It’s good to think about what we can unlock with delegation though.


Theoretically you are paying leverage interest, just like paying leverage(x200) interest on binance or dydx

I always like creative thinking! There are a couple of issues though I see here:

  1. One is that lotteries are heavily regulated. So as @TheRealTuna pointed out, if PoolTogether enabled lotteries, that would be much more complicated for interfaces that want to integrate with the protocol.

  2. The second is, I’d argue developing the protocol in a way that can result in loss of money… and doesn’t just help people save money goes against the core principles of the community. We haven’t officially formalized this but @mkkoll did a great job starting to articulate this here.

  3. Finally, just from a more practical perspective, there are a lot of lotteries / other forms of gambling available in crypto. There are few prize savings protocols. So I think it’s a more differentiated position.

With all that said, I LOVE any ideas on how to make the protocol more engaging and useful and I think there is lots we can do there while keeping it NO LOSS.


Maybe this is where yield farming gets some place to shine?
Depositors can timelock their deposits and offer those timelock deposits for delegation for a POOL APR.
Other depositors can also timelock their deposits for a multiplier of delegation; 3months 1.25x, 6months 1.5x, 12months 1.75x, 24month 2x.

We only allow timelock contracts the first of each month or something so we don’t run into too much of a float related logistical nightmare. Idk, just noting this here as it came to me, it’s definitely under-baked.