I represent, a DAO aggregator platform. We’ve had you guys on our hotlist for a minute now, we love the team, the community, and the vision of the project. We hope to aggregate the info of the DAO and get listed on our platform.

The PASS is a forefront DAO aggregator and search engine. We’ve covered over 30K DAOs and earned the trust of prominent players in the space, including MakerDAO, Yearn Finance, KyberDAO, ApecoinDAO, MeebitsDAO, BanklessDAO, MoonDAO, City DAO, and many more.

Here are some useful links for better understanding:
:house: Website:
:bird: Twitter:


thanks for reaching out! What do you need to list PoolTogether?

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Pretty neat aggregator. How can we help?

With our v5 focus on 4626, and a few of the other players in the space listed above or on thepass, do you foresee having any data linked to 4626 vaults? Findability or something in the Ecosystem given the different players that made 4626 happen were from a multitude of DeFi OGs.

We’ll need a representative of the DAO to follow through with easy steps for listing on the platform


Pretty smooth process. I didn’t add our POAPs since, well, there’s a lot of them lol

Gave you admin access as well @Tjark


Let’s go :fire::fire: we’d love to have you added to a discord group with our CEO and product team where we can discuss further synergy with the project. what’s your discord?

Hey there blank you can add me on telegram or Discord if you want! Happy to keep talking