The typical users of PoolTogether Part 1: Maybe smaller than you think

When you think about “mass users” or the most common users of the protocol, exactly what deposit amount comes to your mind? And what do you think leads an user to deposit that amount, why not more, why not less?

Okay, now take a look at this number:


This :point_up_2: is the median balance of our most engaged users currently deposited. (Polygon) (March 5th)

For anyone that doesn’t know, a median number is sorta a way of looking at “average” but that’s it’s not “thrown off” by a small proportion of extremely large or small values, and therefore provides a better representation of what’s the “typical” value.

Where did I get that number?
It’s the median of the current balances of all wallets who claimed the NFT from the Valentine’s campaign, excluding < $10 balances and new users who entered during the campaign.
In other words, these are our users that are not only deposited, but actually actively engaged with the community (participate in our campaigns), and likely the most faithful.

Now, why such seemingly arbitrary conditions to pick that number?
Because that’s actually one of our best case scenarios:

$179,99 is the median of all depositors on Polygon (excluding < $10 balances) (as of today)
$125,00 that same number on Avalanche

Okay but, it’s normal to split wallets, that would explain it, well… that’s true, but even in ETH mainnet, where users are highly discouraged to split and to deposit small amounts, the current median balance sits at $416.92, again, excluding < $10 balances.

So, what do you think explains these seemingly low amounts? I have my theory coming up in Part 2!

Were you surprised by these numbers?
  • I was expecting them to be higher
  • I was expecting them to be lower
  • Kinda exactly what I thought they would be

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And maybe most importantly:
How do you think is the current experience of the typical users of PT? Could we improve it for them?


except your explanation of median that triggered in me the “grima” of scratching nails on blackboard, I think the distribution of eth deposits and polygon deposits do not differ significantly because we deal with more or less the same people

Really? Sorry for that :sweat_smile:, but I did get it mainly from wikipedia so I’m not sure what went wrong there, my objective was to make people understand the actual meaning of these numbers and how important they are

I’m not sure what you mean by this as Polygon sits at $179 while ETH at $416.
Maybe you are thinking about the other Polygon number which is heavily filtered using the Valentine’s Campaign participants data