Replace $1 prizes with small APR

The median deposit on Polygon is $130, with current prize distribution it’s $1 every 67 days, and a $5 prize 266 days

When $1 gets removed, the median user will have to wait almost 9 months on average, that’s 9 months without knowing if the protocol even works, not a good experience, a small APR could significantly alleviate that wait, meaning less people feeling like they are “wasting time” and even withdraw before winning anything

The APR could be given using the new TWAB rewards contract, it doesn’t have to be much, the average US savings account pays just 0.06 percent

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Wow, is the median really that low? This is great data by the way!

I’m for this idea!

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Would even be in favor of non-monetary prizes. Tickets to an upcoming NFT drop prize pool, tickets to a rand delegation prize pool, xp points…or if we do some kind of ve strategy, maybe apr boosts for those staked could be part of dispersed prizes.


I have a lot of ideas.


With the matic rewards on aave…a small apr drip and PoolTogether participation is currently possible


Thank you for the illustration! It’s a great method
Also something that Dylan noted in Discord is that we don’t need to implement the small APR directly into the protocol, “anyone” can create a relatively simple smart contract that splits a deposit between Aave and PoolTogether in a % the user chooses. But yeah right now anyone can do what you just posted which is awesome!

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There is definitely a big difference though between what is technically possible and what is simple / easy.

so you also say the APR results way lower than the displayed one?

can you post the dune link of the query?

For small depositors (sub 500) it has quite a lot of variance, according to pooly bot on discord:

100 SIMULATIONS || DEPOSIT: 5000 APR: 6.15% - 32.32% AVG: 12.50%
100 SIMULATIONS || DEPOSIT: 500 APR: 0.99% - 205.93% AVG: 13.65%
100 SIMULATIONS || DEPOSIT: 100 APR: 0.00% - 1004.90% AVG: 20.34%

The median deposit I took it from but is now altered by the NFT campaign

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I’d say the extreme variance of the last makes the 14% quite misleading.