TBR-Q1-2023 - Education / Onboarding Team

Team Name Onboarding / Education Team
Quarter and Year Q1 2023
Payout Address TBD
Total USD Value Requested $29,604 USD
Requested Amount Token
4175 POOL
26799 USDC

Authors: Noxe,DaBoom, Andy Kaufman,Tjark (credited)


This team will focus on creating tutorials and guides for existing and potential users of PoolTogether. There have been great tutorials from users like @thumbsupfinance & Kris Kay (Defi Donut) in the past. We hope to emulate this while also updating, maintaining & translating our content. We will help crypto natives & those new to crypto find the smoothest route to go from fiat to ptUSDC. These could vary greatly between different countries and user preferences (self custody vs custodial), we hope to provide understanding which will empower users to choose the best route to deposit for them.

We hope to achieve this through providing comprehensive, structured and easy to understand tutorials as well as live support. The live support could be specific hours team members spend in the #help channel of the discord as well as private voice chats / support within the PT discord. (likely gated for privacy via roles)

The live support would resemble a more traditional product demo & onboarding experience where users can ask for assistance or receive an “onboarding tour” by booking it via calendly or similar methods. These would be designated time slots for our team members to assist them.

Our current team members include @daboom & @andykaufman & @noxe. Both Daboom & Andy have helped create the #learn-channel in discord that gives users a on the rails experience to deposit into PT. Andy helped collaborate with the Landing Party team (formerly Background Network) to create the bot while DaBoom helped fill the content and design the step-by-step guides for delegation and deposit in the #learn-channel… The same goes for the FAQ bot that is used in the #help channel, which also had community additions. @Noxe created the French substack, translated the community newsletter to French previously as well as written original articles in French and English from time to time. More recently he has helped translate the front end UI of PoolTogether V4 and maintained it. Noxe has also been hosting 1 on 1 onboarding sessions for French users!

Overall we believe this core team has the skills necessary to build out and maintain the education team.

Core Audience : Normies

Secondary Audience: PoolTogether curious & DeFi beginners


  1. Create a knowledge foundation of crypto for users to easily understand and use PoolTogether
  • Educate users on the benefits & risks of self custody wallets, as well as pros and cons of custodial alternatives
  • Encourage financial literacy and fiscal responsibility through the PT ethos
  • Show the benefits of a prize savings account
    Concrete milestone: Video of prize savings account vs traditional savings account → on chain vs off chain
  • Utilize existing community built tools to teach new users (poolexplorer, PoolyBot etc.)
    (Concrete Milestone: Update all faq-bot/scout question database and #learn channel tutorials)
  • Guide users to relevant ways to participate in the community (Send them to the community team!)
    Concrete milestone: Create living guide to find all existing educational material. We can design a “how are we doing” survey to live on this guide that will serve as a performance metric.
  1. Create & maintain guides for onboarding depositors
  • Translate into relevant languages
  • Detail user options for on ramps, chains and custody preferences based on their countries options
  • Explore new learning tools and maintain existing ones (FAQ bot / written guides)
  • As new integrations & updates go live from PT Inc. or partners our team would focus on explaining those concepts

Performance Metrics: We could focus on 3 countries / native languages initially with our educational guides. At minimum a tutorial for each country & language for each chain PoolTogether v4 is available on.

  1. Provide Live support for users
  • Guide users within PT discord from wallet creation to deposit journey
  • Allow users to book a time slot for 1:1 support over voice chat
  • Remain active in the #help channel on a consistent basis

Performance Metrics: Number of questions answered/users helped during live support+end of quarter summary on 3 most common questions/topics.

Bonus goal to pursue if we deem 1-3 to be performed to our expectations:

Educate Users on how to stay safe when navigating crypto

  • Create and compile information on safety & security best practices
  • Infographics with a specific focus for various social channels (discord, twitter, telegram, web, etc)
  • Potential workshops
  • Live tests/examples
  • Verifying trustable sources

What are the group’s principles?

For our team & collaboration:

  1. Community first we > me, DAO > individual, Eco System View > Ego System View
  2. Transparency and Openness
  3. Leaderful Practice Everyone shares the experience of serving as a leader collectively

For the content we create:

  1. No Loss, no shill, and beginner-friendly
  2. Promoting savings as opposed to risky investments
  3. Creating only positive-sum outcomes

Team Members

Role Yearly USD Compensation Commitment Percentage Quarterly USDC Quarterly POOL Contributor Contributor Discord
Onboarding Advocate $75,000 25% $4,043 907.79 POOL DaBoom DaBoom#3590
Onboarding Advocate $75,000 40% $6,469 1,452.46 POOL AndyKaufman AndyKaufman#1234
Onboarding Advocate $75,000 50% $8,086 1815.58 POOL Noxe Noxe​:ocean::trophy:#1780

We are open to additional team members to help onboard & support new users to PoolTogether
We would love to hear from community members who have created guides & educational content in the past.


The content team allows for fluid membership of contributors.

The membership can be obtained after a contributor has published ≥four high quality pieces of content. After that the contributor can be nominated by a group member and validated by three vouches.

The group membership can be removed, if:

  • a member negligently misbehaves (eg acting opposed to our principles or PoolTogether’s values, causing distrust, etc.)
  • a member has not participated for a month without notice

Group members will be able to allocate GIVE within the coordinape circle


Budget & Compensation

The Education Team should have a quarterly budget at its disposal.

During Season 0, the Education Team will iterate on its compensation and budget policy in order to provide transparency to our contributors and help retain core talent while also ensuring budgets are being spent on work that was impactful and valuable.

Part of it is being used to fund a dedicated Coordinape circle:

  • Circle operates in two-week epochs
  • All team members receive the ability to distribute GIVE by default.
  • Due to its small size, openness and transparency is encouraged among team members
  • A mediator is assigned to facilitate fairness in the circle

The outcome of the epochs will allow us to measure the content contributors thought to be most effective. The top receivers can serve as good examples for other creators to learn from.

Expense Budget
Team Members $21,404
Coordinape $5,000
Bounties $3,000
Tools / Subscriptions $200
Total $29,604


$5,000 dedicated Coordinape circle

$21,404 for the 3 team leaders/mediators in addition to a $5,000 coordinape circle.
We plan to organize and plan out the coordinape circle in the first 4-6 weeks before it goes live.
This would equate to about 3 epochs for the quarter (2 epochs per month), each epoch valued at ~$1,666 paid out in USDC

We will be using bounties to facilitate some integration or encourage additional community sourced tasks (fiat on ramp using moonpay as an example) as well as potentially benefit new users through means such as a gas faucet.

We will also explore using idle USDC to delegate to new users.

Team Expenses


Currently we do not have any expenses that we are aware of. If we incur any expenses during the upcoming quarter we will request a reimbursement at a future time. We will limit this to $1000 for the quarter but do not anticipate spending that much.

Note: Token prices at time of budget request are used for standardization. For simplicity the relevant token prices are provided below.


Token Pricing

Show the token prices used for any USD calculations.

Token USD
POOL $0.672

(we rounded down the excess .83 POOL from our total compensation)

If you are interested in being a team member or coordinape contributooor let us know please!

We would also like to hold team leads accountable and emulate elected terms. More details to follow but in short we plan to have a system in place to hold members accountable.

Please let us hear any feedback, suggestions or if you have an interest to contribute!


We were hoping for comments but will take none as a good sign.

The TBR is live for voting:
On Chain Vote: PT Governance
Snapshot: Snapshot

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Well, I will comment that I think you did a wonderful job at this proposal, it’s brief but yet informative to the key points of interest and I think this is a great idea for interested community members like myself, wanting to learn more

I have voted against this proposal, and I want to make clear my reasoning and hope that this feedback can help you adapt the proposal to present it again over the following weeks.

My biggest concern is the budget/time commitment. I was part of the Finance Team over the first quarted with a time commitment of 55%. Over that time, I learned that dedicating 4 hours per day is actually quiet a lot of time, and honestly consider that most contributors should be able to do their part in less time. This applies even more to newly proposed teams, where functions and roles are not fully defined until the work is started and after gaining some experience on what’s really needed. That’s why I have reduced my dedication to 30%, and also why I think that new teams over 30% commitment per person are usually starting too fast.

To sum up, I would prefer the education team to have less goals (if considered) and less commitment % per person. Maybe 3 people at 20% each would be enough (although you also have the flexibility to decide if somebody wants to commit more time than the others). If after the first quarter you indeed consider that there’s a lot of things to do and time commitment should be increased, I’ll happily discuss it and try to understand the reasons for that.

Another smaller concern is overlapping of functions with other teams. Community, Education and Language team can have some things in common, and that makes me wonder if the 3 of them are needed or if they should form one unique team. That being said, I do not consider myself strict in those topics. I honestly think that teams will naturally be formed, merged and will change and adapt in the future.

I encourage the Education team to not give up and find the way to adapt the proposal to atract more people that support it. I’m sure you can bring good things to the protocol!