PTIP-71 Extend POOL Pool Emissions

PTIP-71 Extend POOL Pool Emissions

Simple Summary

Continue POOL distribution to pPOOL stakers for 60 days and remove the early exit fee.


  • Rewarding long-term aligned holders staked in the pPOOL

  • Further distributing the POOL token to protocol participants

  • Giving additional runway to work out our tokenomics


The POOL rewards for the V3 Ethereum POOL pool will run out in a day. Currently, the pool is emitting 200 POOL per day in the form of a POOL drip. Previously the pool has additionally been awarding a weekly prize of 200 POOL.


The POOL pool is one of the few incentives POOL token holders currently have. Users in the POOL pool might not just care to vote in governance, but they might also care for incentives.

Often the pPOOL represents half of the voting power brandished on any given vote. Per capita, the pPOOL sees 5:1 voters compared to on-chain. Continuing to reward these protocol participants and holders is crucial until we implement a new method of governance and vesting.

We should continue incentivizing POOL token holders to hold and vote by staking in the POOL pool. This proposal continues the POOL drip towards the POOL pool for 60 days at the current rate of 200 POOL per day (12,000 POOL total). As the weekly prize will not be continued, the proposal also removes the pool’s early exit fee.

Technical Specification

Transfer on the POOL token 0x0cEC1A9154Ff802e7934Fc916Ed7Ca50bDE6844e amount 12000000000000000000000 POOL to 0x30430419b86e9512E6D93Fc2b0791d98DBeb637b pPOOL faucet

SetCreditPlanOf on the POOL pool 0x396b4489da692788e327E2e4b2B0459A5Ef26791 Token: 0x27D22A7648e955E510a40bDb058333E9190d12D4

_creditRateMantissa (uint128): 0

_creditLimitMantissa (uint128): 0


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