PTIP-79 Extend POOL Pool Emissions

PTIP-79 Extend POOL Pool Emissions

Simple Summary

Continue POOL distribution to pPOOL stakers for 180 days at the previous rate of emission (200 POOL per day).


POOL reward emissions will begin again for approximately six months (180 days) at an emission rate of 200 POOL per day to pPOOL stakers.


Allows continued distribution of the POOL token to protocol participants, and rewards long-term POOL holders whilst allowing them to still participate in governance. Currently I hold approximately 12,000 POOL tokens in the POOL pool which is all of my POOL holdings as it theoretically allows me to earn additional POOL for free from emissions whilst also giving me access to gas-free governance voting. I think it’s important that the POOL emissions are extended again so long-term POOL holders are rewarded with POOL for keeping POOL staked and because it incentivizes people to stake their tokens as it gives them access to emissions and gas-free voting at no cost to them which is what PoolTogether stands for: no loss! The reason why I propose extending it for six months is so it covers the remaining duration of 2022 so a new proposal can occur in early 2023 for its potential renewal.



Currently the vAPR of the POOL pool is 0% due to the expiration of emissions. This proposal would allow POOL emissions to begin again at the previous rate of 200 POOL per day for 180 days.


Rewarding POOL token holders with POOL emissions whilst also giving them access to gas-free governance from pPOOL will likely incentivize increased participance in governance.

Technical Specification

Transfer on the POOL token 0x0cEC1A9154Ff802e7934Fc916Ed7Ca50bDE6844e amount 36000 POOL to 0x30430419b86e9512E6D93Fc2b0791d98DBeb637b pPOOL faucet


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Hi, I do not think depositing POOL and earning POOL means participating in the protocol. The core purpose of the pPOOL is to enable gasless voting but less than 5% of 1700+ depositors actually vote on average.

I was a pPOOL depositor for a long time. When it failed regularly to reach quorum I moved on.
I think we can build something better, and while it’s been talked about it hasn’t been built. I’d like to see a stronger vesting structure and a focus on prizes not yield. Ideally it rewards protocol participants not farmers.

Do you have any ideas how to make a better pPOOL?

I am against this proposal and very against a 6 month implementation of it.

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This has been brought up a few weeks ago, and the community didn’t seem too decided on this.

Personally, I’m against renewing pPOOL incentives. The reason why they started was to encourage people to vote on governance. Unfortunately, I would say that these incentives are not making any impact on voting. Most people don’t care about PTIPs, and those that do would vote without incentives too.

That POOL would be better invested in other initiatives.

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I am against renewing the pPOOL. Its only purpose in my eyes is gasless voting, which it fulfills just as well, if not better, without incentives. If fewer people let their POOL sit in the pool just for the yield, we may actually get higher voting participation and hit quorum more often.

The “yield” from the pPOOL is pure inflation, so while depositors do earn more tokens, they are also diluted at, in the extreme case where everyone is in the pPOOL, the same rate.

Having a pPOOL with yield on Ethereum also disadvantages POOL on other chains such as Polygon, which don’t have access to yield.

I don’t think non-voting pPOOL depositors are doing any active service for the Pooltogether protocol, so they should not be rewarded for it.