PTIP-55: Extend Pool Emissions


Simple Summary

Continue POOL distribution to POOL pool depositors (200 POOL/day) and POOL/ETH LPs on Uni V2 (150 POOL/day)


Before we get to a sustainable POL solution, emissions need to be continued for Uniswap POOL LPers to keep a decent liquidity and allow for POOL swaps. Given that there is only 9 days for these emissions to expire, it is required to extend them.

Also, POOL holders should still be incentivized to stake and get pPOOL to vote on governance issues. To achieve this, and given that these emissions will also expire in 9 days, the POOL drip should also be extended. When gPOOL is deployed this scenario will be reviewed.

Technical Specification

This PTIP would:

  • Extend POOL pool rewards by 60 days (12,000 POOL total)
  • Extend POOL/ETH LP rewards by 60 days (9,000 POOL total)


  • Support the continuation of POOL emissions
  • Oppose the continuation of POOL emissions

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Support. Also, wen v4 emissions?

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Currently Pooltogether V4 is giving out around 14% of yield in USDC, which is actually really good. POOL is on historic lows in terms of prize, so adding extra POOL rewards to V4 pools will probably not have a big enough impact to attract new depositors, but would increase the sell pressure on the token.

Further thought needs to be put into this, but I don’t think than we are at the point where POOL drip should be introduced in V4.

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