PTIP-37: Prizes & POOL drips!


Simple Summary

Extend POOL drip for UNI, COMP, Dai, USDC, and SUSHI Ethereum pools until the end of October. Extend prizes and drip for the POOL pool as well.


The POOL drips for most Ethereum pools will be ending within the next 2 weeks (see details here). This proposal serves to maintain the status quo of POOL incentives on Ethereum. However, it only extends the status quo for a relatively short amount of additional time. This is because the V4 prize pool will be launching in mid October and a larger incentive overhaul will be warranted then.


This proposal is positioned mostly as an administrative change. It is possible we could use this as an opportunity to adjust drip rates, simply let the current drips expire or make some other type of more aggressive change. I’m open to those suggestions but my personal thought is it’s best to keep this simple and roll out bigger changes with the V4 launch.

Technical Specification

  • Transfer POOL to the faucets for Dai, USDC, Sushi, UNI, COMP, POOL,
  • End sablier prize stream to POOL pool
  • Begin new prize stream to POOL pool

Note that to combine this with PTIP-38 we’re sending POOL to the eth ops team for disbursal. 1550 POOL will go to each of the UNI and COMP pools, and 1300 POOL will be swapped for PPOOL and deposited into the Sushi pool.

For the POOL Pool prizes the old Sablier prize stream will be cancelled and a new “Prize Chunker” contract used to stream prizes.


Purpose Transaction
USDC Pool Faucet POOL.transfer(0xBD537257fAd96e977b9E545bE583bbF7028F30b9, 30000)
Dai Pool Faucet POOL.transfer(0xF362ce295F2A4eaE4348fFC8cDBCe8d729ccb8Eb, 14500)
POOL Pool faucet POOL.transfer(0x30430419b86e9512E6D93Fc2b0791d98DBeb637b, 6800)
UNI-LP Faucet POOL.transfer(0x9A29401EF1856b669f55Ae5b24505b3B6fAEb370, 5700)
UNI & COMP & Sushi Faucet transfers to Eth Ops Team for disbursement POOL.transfer(0x5Be7BbaFc73eF2a0928A793169771663a5815D48, 4400)
End old POOL Pool prize stream SablierManager.cancelSablierStream(0x396b4489da692788e327e2e4b2b0459a5ef26791)
Transfer to new Prize Chunker POOL.transfer(0x239fC7c69Ba8079ebEC07156F13a6d78d234Fa6B, 1200)
Attach prize chunker to PPOOL POOLPoolPrizeStrategy.setPeriodicPrizeStrategyListener(0x239fC7c69Ba8079ebEC07156F13a6d78d234Fa6B)


  • Support incentive extension through October
  • Oppose incentive extension through October

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One thing I can think of that might be worth bundling with this would be the potential LP adjustments discussed in PTIP-36. I’m interested in splitting up our 300 per day to LP between more places and definitely think including Sushi is a good plan.


Want to follow-up here with the confirmations that the POOL has been transferred to the faucets:

Transfer to UNI
Transfer to COMP
Transfer of PPOOL to Sushi

Closing this thread.