PTIP-3: Add POOL to POOL Prize Pool


Simple Summary

The community would like to distribute POOL from the protocol treasury using a Prize Pool.


This proposal will create a Sablier stream of POOL for the POOL prize pool, and deposit POOL into the prize pool’s token faucet.


POOL token holders would like to be able to receive awards for holding POOL.



This proposal will distribute POOL tokens as both prizes and as a drip to all participants in the POOL Prize Pool.


It’s simplest to use existing tools for POOL distribution. There are two integrations the POOL Stake Prize Pool can use:

  1. Sablier. Prize Pools can have tokens streamed to them so prizes don’t have to be added manually.
  2. Token Faucet. The faucet was already proven to work well for the POOL liquidity mining program, so we can reuse it here.

Technical Specification

order contract function parameters
1 0x0cec1a9154ff802e7934fc916ed7ca50bde6844e approve(address,uint256) 0x0589C7a2b2acB895fF0314A394A6D991a9204444, 5141491200000000000000
2 0x0589c7a2b2acb895ff0314a394a6d991a9204444 createSablierStreamWithDuration(address,uint256,address,uint256) 0x396b4489da692788e327E2e4b2B0459A5Ef26791, 5141491200000000000000, 0x0cEC1A9154Ff802e7934Fc916Ed7Ca50bDE6844e, 15552000
3 0x0cec1a9154ff802e7934fc916ed7ca50bde6844e approve(address,uint256) 0x0cEC1A9154Ff802e7934Fc916Ed7Ca50bDE6844e, 18000000000000000000000
4 0xd80a1416ed5139b6695d5a5cb07e99832a045f3a deposit(uint256) 18000000000000000000000


On-chain Proposal
POOL Pool Snapshot vote

This item has passed, with a hiccup, see PTIP-6.

Closing Topic.