Proposal for Adoption of One Primary Centralized CRM

  1. I would like to introduce everyone to what I believe would be a very good CRM platform that all PT DAO contributors could use for managing the tasks of all the WGs: Berrycast - Free Screen Recorder & Sharing Tool

Created on May 12, 2022 at 21:17

By Daniel Who? | Duration 3min44s


I would like to start creating contributor roll accounts for everyone to jump in and check it out ASAP.

I would like suggestions as to how to best collect email addresses for everyone, as they Will be required to create accounts.

After the majority of primary contributors have a chance to explore the CRM, we can then take a vote.

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*Update- I have just set it, so that people can now sign up for accounts on their own. (Collecting email addresses should no longer be required. You should be able to sign up here: Plutio

I feel a bit confused. Which problem would a centralized CRM solve?

Dework could work for managing tasks, for example

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The DAO needs something to keep track of the projects being worked, who’s talkin to who, the conversations being had, what teams the project ties to, etc.

For example HotMike is talking with tons of protocols and NFT projects to get more usage with the multi-delegator. At this time I think only HotMike and few others know everyone he’s talking to and how those conversations are going. Having some location where anyone in the DAO can see the status or jump in and help would be beneficial for new and/or seasoned contributors.

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Thank you for taking the initiative @StarTreeTV. Would it be possible for you to provide some use cases for the DAO? I get a CRM for tracking sales and agree with @Taliskye that we NEED that. But that wouldn’t span across the DAO, that would be specific to the sales/partnership project.

How do you see all projects across the DAO using this tool?

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If there is consensus among those involved in the sales/partnership project, that This CRM feels like a good fit, then I say let’s give it a try for this specific use case first. If it proves to be a productive solution, we can try slowly adding other tasks, groups, etc. In my opinion, the best way forward is for those involved in the sales/partnership project to just jump in and try it out!

The signup link: Plutio