Streamlining and Simplifying Governance

gm all, I’ve spent some time in this forum on behalf of RabbitHole and participated in the end-to-end PT governance process. I’m also the Community Manager at Orbis (, a web3-native social and coordination platform combining elements of Discord, Twitter, Discourse and Snapshot.

In my time participating in PT voting I saw a lot of the challenges many DAOs face:

  • Fragmented discussion
  • Lack of participation
  • Working across multiple centralized platforms
  • Multiple tokens, including staked tokens, eligible for governance participation

We’ve just launched some new features on Orbis to address these, enabling:

  • A single platform for discussion, temp check polls and formal token-weighted voting
  • Token-gated discussion channels (if desired)
  • Sign in with your wallet - no need for multiple accounts or an e-mail address
  • Vote from desktop or mobile (and you can leave your HW wallet at home)
  • Assign voting power to any ERC20 or ERC721 token

You can see it in action here -

The Proposal

There is no financial cost or risk to trying out Orbis, just some time. We want to grow our platform’s usage by providing a smoother and more accessible governance process, in return we are looking for DAOs to help us test and refine this feature.

Next steps:

  1. Nominate a team member(s) to work with me on setting you up with a group on Orbis, and your preferred voting strategy (which tokens/NFTs, what weighting etc.)

  2. Identify a trial proposal to run end-to-end on Orbis (in the absence of an official proposal, this could be as simple as “Would you like us to trial a formal proposal on Orbis?”)

  3. Provide feedback and discuss further trials and/or migration to Orbis for future proposals

Happy to answer any questions and if you’d like to try out the platform it’ll be me rolling out the red carpet for you and working with you through the whole process.


What do you think the first thing the PoolTogether Community would use this tool to accomplish?

Specifically what process needs to be replaced and why is this better?

This would specifically be an alternative to Discourse + Snapshot. Essentially once something was ready to progress from informal discussion (Discord), it would be written up as a discussion thread on Orbis, where it could also be voted on (using a multi-chain strategy encompassing any ERC20 or ERC721 tokens on any EVM chain).

Note that Orbis is also suited to informal discussions, as it has channels etc. in the vein of Discord which can be moderated and gated behind NFTs/tokens if desired, but it would be a big step to migrate an established community across from Discord entirely.

The governance layer, however, is quite transferrable (point the community to a link on Orbis rather than a link on Discourse/Snapshot) and IMO Orbis provides a genuinely smoother, more accessible, more integrated and more decentralized solution than those tools.

PS I’ll be jumping on next week’s Community Call to chat further