Better Governance Process communication for PoolTogether Dao


The current governance process documentation is rather difficult to navigate for any average DAO member. And I want to simplify that using Syncvote (this is a product I am building) - the platform specifically designed to streamline workflows, facilitate decision-making, and ensure that every member’s input is considered.


As a new member learning about PoolTogether governance process and wanting to make new proposal to the DAO, I find that:

  • The governance process is written in a lengthy document without any visualization, which makes it hard for DAO members to have a quick, concise overview of the process in the shortest amount of time.
  • The governance process is splitted into different documents which makes it hard for Dao members to follow and might miss important information.


I’ve already made a new presentation of PoolTogether and in the next step section below, I outline the actions needed for PoolTogether to adopt Syncvote.

Outcome expected:

I aim to transition from this lengthy and tedious text to more intuitive workflows, like the picture below.

Next Step

I propose to use our redesigned workflow as the official governance process document.

Next steps will be

  1. Replace governance process docs by Syncvote’s redesign workflow (Syncvote <> Pooltogether). To be specific, the governance process will be put with a hyperlink to the workflow. When community members click to this thread, it will lead them to Syncvote interface.
  2. Put the text and link in Discord


The goal of this proposal is to improve the governance experience of the SPoolTogether’s community members. I fully respected the current governance process and did not make any change to it.

For me personally, I’ve been joining hundred of DAOs since I started develop Syncvote and I find PoolTogether is an active and welcoming team, that’s why I would like to do my contribution to improve PoolTogether community.

I would also be happy to update the workflow if there’s anything mismatched or missing; or transfer the editor right for you anytime.


Hey como, this is cool!
Thanks for creating this overview - I like the way how it’s visualized and how it allows you to learn more about each part of the process!

some things that could he helpful if added:

  • PoolTogether governance uses a version of the governor bravo contracts
  • next to the PTIP process, there is also the PTBR process.
  • to put up a PTIP or PTBR one needs >10,000 POOL tokens
  • instead of moving to fail, I’d suggest looping back to the RFC process and calling it refine.

Other than that, this is great! Thanks for sharing this @como.


hello @Tjark , thank for your feedback.
I’m Godwin, co-founder of Syncvote. We could change the words, or any elements in the visualized process. I also could pass the editor right for PoolTogether check the accuracy.
After the time Como posted the proposal, we have develop more features. I believe Como has started another proposal here: Solution to Improve DAO Governance Efficiency - Governance - PoolTogether

The proposal aims to make the governance process be something easy for every community member to take part in.
Do you think the governance process now is easy enough for everyone to cast a vote or raise a voice?
I would love to have some of your comments on the topic.

Morning mates,

I want to emphasize that Syncvote is designed to bring tangible value to DAO operations. I see there’s no feedback and suggestion for a while, so just come again to ask about your thought on Syncvote.

After the last post, Syncvote has improved some UI features to smooth community member’s experience on DAO’s governance. I think that a demo would be a good way to show how Syncvote could fit for PoolTogether DAO’s operation

Could you suggest any idea on that? I would love to discuss more for PoolTogether DAO,

Hey godwin,
currently PoolTogether is using a version of the governor bravo contracts. This makes $POOL governance compatible with most governance interfaces out there.
It doesn’t matter if one is voting or creating proposals through Karma, Tally, or alike. $POOL holders can choose to use whatever interface suits them most.

I’m not sure if I understand your ask correctly here. Is it your intention to funnel all governance participants to one interface instead?

Hello @Tjark,

Is it your intention to funnel all governance participants to one interface instead?

Yes it is. The current process now involves Discourse, Snapshot and Tally. User has to bounce around different platforms to update the proposal. It also involves alot of manual works for admin/coreteam etc.
I propose to apply Syncvote, so users will have 1 unified interface to control governance activities.

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Can you suggest how to make a product demo to show how Syncvote could really fit into DAO governance @Tjark ?

Thank you in advanced

It doesn’t involve any work from admins or a core team with the current process. $POOL holder governance is fully onchain and anyone with >10k $POOL can permissionlessly create a proposal.

It would be great to have Syncvote as an option! I don’t think the community is looking to replace the current system but there has always been interest for tools to make onchain governance easier.

If Syncvote is compatible (aka it can be used on top) with the current design, you should share a link for $POOL holders to test it. I’d be curious to check it out.

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got it, thank for clarifying

Yes it is really compatible. As said in the proposal, this plugin is just a central hub to unify governance action. Community member will only need to follow the steps showing in the plugin.
I have designed PoolTogether Governance Process using Syncvote, and here is the result: PoolTogether Governance Process by Syncvote

I run a proposal using the plugin, and here is how it looks like:

I think that a demo would be a good way to show how Syncvote could fit for PoolTogether DAO’s operation. Can you suggest @Tjark ?