PoolTogether Pyme Campaign

Gm Poolers,

There have been a lot of talks recently on how to increase the TVL of PT lots of Ideas being discussed and other stuff, I also want to pitch in my simple Idea on helping the growth of PT reason why I post it here is to check if the Community will support this Initiative. If Voted Yes I will then send this to Grants Committee.

Other than being an active Pooler I’m also part of this community called Pyme here is Pyme Twitter its like the Galaxy but more on Polygon since I think was funded by Polygon studios, I’m one of the early community members there, One perk of being early given to us is we can start campaigns of Diff. Projects on Polygon and I want to allocate/delegate those perks to PT and be the liaison between the two for continued Partnership

Campaign Ideas
Campaign Idea I have in mind and want to start this on August 1st, 2022

  • First Week – Building Presence (Visit PT Page, Like PT Twitter Page, Visit Discord)

  • Second Week-- Ama Day on Pyme

  • Third Week – (this is open for suggestions) or I can follow Initiative on the main Marketing Campaign

Why Should We Do This
Pyme is currently in its 2nd Phase where they are now onboarding partners IMO being one of the early Partner will surely get traction on its Community with over 21k Passport Holders

All Campaigns for PT that be created on Pyme Will be Open and Transparent to the Community. Data gathered here will be reported to the community call

The Needs

  • Delegation Prize for Pyme Community 20K (not asking for its custody)
  • Ama Speaker
  • Nft Card
  • Compensation ( I want to ask the community of how much they think Is the most reasonable Compensation for This Kind of Campaign )


  • Get First 1000 Depositors from Pyme Community
  • Raise PT TVL to $15,000 from Pyme Community

Other info about Pyme:
Lite Paper-

Should we do this Partnership with Pyme, and Proceed with the Campaign??

  • YES
  • NO

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I think great idea for gamifying engagement! I actually was trying to Mint the Pyme NFT earlier today before seeing this Proposal - having trouble connecting the wallet - will update when hear back from the team as to resolution!

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Just figured it may be helpful to share…

Seems like a good platform but might have some tech bugs still in need to be ironed out just from my own testing/interaction with it. I did get to Mint the pass, but now can’t seem to view it.

Been sitting here for an hour or so have refreshed a few times and then it also incorrectly allocated me 2,000 points twice for Minting so I have 4,000 now somehow which is not correct AFAIK unless there was like a double day challenge or something! But could see that potentially being problematic if those are used in conjunction with PT smart contracts and the accounting in place isn’t highly reliable… cheers!

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Thank you Mon! I support this proposal!


First of all: great how you’ve improved your skills in proposing ideas since you became a part of this community!
Looks like there are not many costs involved - so I’m voting yes at this point.


just on its 2nd Phase so no need to worry with that It will improved as any others, Nice of you to test it ahead…

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Love it Mon, I would say since you will be setting everything up, propose what you think is fair for compensation and why. You will be doing the work so you will know it best! Looking forward to seeing how this goes.


Low Cost Sure Sir… we have scheduled meeting on Thursday Sir I’ll be creating #thread and will give info about everything there… Thank You

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Nice…good to hear! I think they have a pretty nice UI for sure from testing it!

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