KPI options- What communities to include in order to incentivize rapid TVL growth to 1B?

Now that we have gotten some more important things out of the way I wanted to get back on track with our KPI options discussion. The general idea is we airdrop KPI options to carefully selected communities with a goal of reaching 1B TVL by a set date. If we are at 1B TVL on set date each option would be redeemable for 1 POOL token. If we are at 500MM TVL on that date then each option would be worth 0.5 POOL and the remaining locked POOL would be returned to treasury. The trickiest part will be to decide what communities to include and I think that should be our current focus of discussion. I think we should target 3-5 communities if it makes sense to do so now though it may make sense to do a few rounds of options airdrops with Compound being included in round 1.

My case for Compound users being our top priority in a KPI options airdrop. The compound pools are currently in place and have been for a while so we are in a position where we can try to attract Compound users to include us as an added layer and increase their return. This would not take away from Compound TVL as Pooltogether redeposits it to Compound anyways. Users are incentivized with an opportunity to boost the value of their options by helping reach our 1B target while also seeing an increased return on their deposited asset.

I ask the community to please pitch your case for any other communities that should be included in an options airdrop now. Curious about thoughts on Pooltogether governance participants? Matic? I don’t know much about Matic but from what I’ve heard our Matic pool has been a huge success so far.

Key results from poll.
1.85% in favour of using KPI options to accelerate growth with 0% voting against it.
2.Community in favour of 100,000 POOL or less.
This number would represent the max payout of the options.
3.Community is split between 3 months and 6 months.
The goal is to push for rapid growth and I would push for it to be a 3 month window as I think even 6 months is a long time in crypto and we want to make sure it’s not just something people forget about.
4. 81% in favour of a 1 Billion dollar target.
I think this is a very good short term target given that we have been sitting around 200MM to 230MM for a little while now.
5. Lots of great options for communities to include with COMP, UNI, and Pooltogether being the front runners.
6.Community favours 3-5 communities being included.
7.2000 wallet addresses led the poll but I think we need to decide who to target first and then decide what makes the most sense from there.

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Thanks for writing this up @TheRealTuna!

I continue to think KPI options are a pretty interesting way for us to incentive growth.

Question, do people have to claim the KPI options in a certain amount of time? I’d like to make sure the people who benefit from them are actively supporting the goal. Can you walk me through the mechanics of how that process works?

Options would be claimable and would need to be claimed anytime before the expiration date. My understanding of the process would be that the maximum payout of POOL if we reach our target would be sent to UMA team. Any unclaimed balance + remaining difference from target not being reached would be returned after expiration of the options. I will see if someone from the UMA team would like to chime in with a detailed breakdown.

i dont think it would be worth anyones time to spend gas to claim 1 POOL. is that parameter correct?

In the case of the options UMA airdropped each wallet received either 90 or 120 options.

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Hey @TheRealTuna and @leighton - I am another SuperUMAn from the UMA community and wanted to pass along an overview of the whole process. Let me know if you have additional questions or if a quick call would be beneficial to discuss.

I am limited to a couple links as a relatively new user, so the process is on this notion page!