Using KPI options to promote growth and strengthen community

On March 31st UMA completed an airdrop of 1,000,000 KPI options(uTVL-0621) to 7135 addresses that interacted in governance of several protocols. It targeted Yearn, Yam, Sushi, BadgerDAO, and Balancer governance participants.

What are KPI options?

KPI options are an incentive mechanism that can be used to grow TVL. The options can be sent to a wallet and then be redeemed by that wallet on a specific date. The value of the options on that date is determined by reaching predetermined growth milestones.
In the case of uTVL-0621 options they will be redeemable for a maximum of 2 UMA tokens if UMA TVL reaches 2B TVL on June 30th. Current TVL for UMA is 175 Million locked which makes each option worth 0.175 UMA.

How can KPI options be used to Pooltogether’s benefit?

We as a community could set a goal to reach 2B TVL(or more) by a certain date and airdrop options to a carefully curated list of addresses of protocols that we believe align with our values and will bring growth to Pooltogether. This move would incentivize users to do their part to promote the growth of Pooltogether. I think the key value this adds would be targeting users who are strong and active crypto participants to try out Pooltogether and help promote it’s growth by reaching a common goal.

Just wanted to start a formal discussion to see what the community thinks and determine if this would be a good fit for Pooltogether. I think if we were to do something like this is would be good to time with our rewards reduction. Maybe the community can come up with ways to tweak this a bit and make it even more beneficial.


I’d also add that KPI Options can be used for any KPI – So maybe you’d want to increase the number of times people roll their lottery participation, or number of POOL airdrop recipients who participate.

As a POOL airdrop recipient (and hodler) myself, I’d love to see something that encouraged me to do something further.


This is a seriously cool idea. Wonder when that magic $2B TVL can be reached… maybe by end of summer? :eyes: :thinking:


Something like that, KPIs can have a lot of different uses cases that can create value both for the whales and little fish around.

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Hi folks,
Brand new round these parts. Thought Leighton had some good insights into what KPIs are important to Pool Together. On discord he mentioned:

  1. Total prizes generated
  2. Total assets deposited
  3. Unique depositors

Seems like these would be worthy key process indicators that could be explored in aligning goals/objectives.


I think the cool part about the KPI options is that it can accelerate some of the protocol goals by incentivizing community behavior to help push adoption and growth.

Especially the little fish!


most (not all) of the small users, are willing to contribute to a project- yet don’t have the financial means to participate but do so in many other ways. We do realise that big whales are the ones contributing the funding and would financially support a project and they are needed as well - but they are the first ones to bail out easily as well.

Pool Together was a gem of it’s own from the start, to see a small pool of people (including myself) - have the opportunity to save some and also get rewarded with exceptional prize if won. Never won anything, but Pool Together and crypto as a whole started with the vision of empowering the general mass - Us and have done so with great regards. Would love to see UMA and KPI take this to another level, to incentivise the genuine and reward them for their selfless contributions.

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hash_error 's sharp consideration.

  1. Period of depositing assets

This may also be an important factor.


that can be a consideration. will be great for the users especially who stuck and contributed to Pool Together before it went “drop the airdrop” famous.

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To tell the truth, I want this gov forum users to be eligible to receive tokens as well.

But we should think carefully. That’s because there are a number of projects that have been hurt by the users who have funded them.

Just looking at coingecko I see that UMA has 146mm in TLV. It doesn’t seem to have incentivised other communities to move their funds to UMA?

The whole market just shit the bed so TVL is down everywhere right now. Most of the new TVL on UMA should come in June. It takes time for communities to set this stuff up in their case. For example Badger DAO is working on CLAWS which will mean locking bBadger on UMA to mint CLAWS. There are many other communities working out options. It’s just not as simple as users just depositing in UMA’s case, looking for whole communities to lock up.

What is to stop these wallet addresses depositing before expiration, claiming the tokens, and then withdrawing their liquidity from UMA?

If Compound users are incentivized to withdraw from Compound a deposit to Compound through Pooltogether for a higher return then why withdraw after? You are correct that users have the option to withdraw after and that TVL could drop back a bit after redemption, but it won’t drop back to where it started. The prizes will be huge at 1B TVL.

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This to me seems poorly designed / thought out on their part. Could they not have had it such that, the airdrop dripped to them over time as long as they held TLV in UMA and it was proportionately dripped?

What will likely happen is, users on that curated list will deposit funds into UMA, claim the tokens and withdraw their funds and sell their UMA for whatever project they are supporting primarily. If they are giving out 2mm tokens, most to other communities, at a token price of $18 they are going to drop a nuke on their token price in return for a short spike in TLV. Is that not what’s likely to happen?

2MM tokens only happens if they’ve locked up 2B TVL and is only 3.3 % of their supply. If they reach 2B then it would be a huge success. I think 1B is a more likely ceiling and at 1.6% of supply is not such a price nuke as you suggest. Even if they don’t come close to 1B I think it is still a very successful campaign as it has got many communities including ours to explore the option.

Should we rescope this to target $1MM in prizes? To better align with what the PTIPs are currently working towards with the reallocation of POOL drip.

Hmm, I see there’s another topic open on this and refined scope some already: