Governance Upgrade

I had a great chat with Ben from ScopeLift today.

ScopeLift is facilitating the upgrade of the Gitcoin governance system, which is identical to ours. They are upgrading the system to use the latest OpenZeppelin Governor contracts. They’ll be using Tally to interact with the new governance system.

Benefits of Upgrading our Governance System

Ben and I talked about having ScopeLift apply the same upgrade to our governance system. An upgrade would be valuable to us, because:

  • We can improve protection from multi-block MEV
  • We can unlock the 30.41 ETH that is held by the Timelock but inaccessible to POOL token holders (check out the line of code at fault)
  • We can increase the maximum number of transactions in a proposal for more flexibility
  • We can have more flexible voting options (lay the groundwork for L2 voting, etc)

Next Steps

  1. ScopeLift is going to audit our governance system and develop an upgrade proposal. I’ll give them guidance and point out any specific needs we have. I’m going to connect ScopeLift with our grants team to fund the initial audit.

  2. When the proposal is ready, it will be posted and we’ll conduct a vote on whether to proceed with the upgrade. Depending on where financing is coming from, it might be Snapshot or might be on-chain.


If anyone has any thoughts or concerns, feel free to comment or reach out to me directly.


Hey Brendan, thanks for writing up this summary! We’re looking forward to helping PoolTogether work towards an upgrade of their Governance. Happy to answer any questions the community might have!


Thanks for writing this up and moving the governance upgrade forward!

I remember that Tally has previously stated that they would help us to switch the contract and migrate to their UI. Is that off the table?

What would be the difference when going with ScopeLift?

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Hello @Brendan & @bendi
I see that you are showing only the benefits, what’s the downsides?
What about the delegated voting power?

Thanks you!

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Gitcoin will be using Tally to interact with the new governance system. Tally doesn’t facilitate the upgrade, but their app is compatible with the new contracts.

None that I can think of; the only concern is upgrade risk. We need to make sure the upgrade is executed perfectly.

Voting power will not change with the upgrade, we’ll just unlock the ability to expand how voting happens in the future.


Yep! I think Brendan has answered both of these questions well.

We work closely with Tally and once the upgrade is complete you will be able to use it for Governance interactions moving forward. We are a service provider that does the on-chain engineering to make the upgrade happen.

Agree on the second point as well. The new Governor is a superset of the existing one. It has all the benefits, new features, and fixes bugs/limitations of the one you’re currently using. The downside is the execution risk, which is why we will extensively test and simulate every step of the process, and 100% of the code deployed will be audited.

Let me know if you have more questions!


Hey everyone!

I wanted to suggest taking a look at UMA’s oSnap product as part of your governance system audit and overhaul. oSnap allows you to have gas-free voting with Snapshot with permissionless on-chain execution verified by UMA’s optimistic oracle. This flow can be symbiotic with on-chain governance while greatly reducing gas costs and increasing participation.

I’ve spoken with @bendi before about UMA for a different optimistic oracle integration so a lot of the core concepts should look familiar. If you’re using Safe and Snapshot already, adding oSnap as an execution option is very easy. You can even use the Zodiac Safe app to deploy both oSnap and the OpenZeppelin Governor module. Let me know if this is something you’re interested in exploring!


Hey John! Looks very cool. Would love to talk more about it, especially how we might also be able to integrate something like this via Flexible Voting.


Hey all, I just wanted to share that we’ve completed the audit of Flexible Voting with OpenZeppelin and the results–which were quite positive–are now available.

You can read more about the audit and everything else going on with Flexible Voting in this Twitter thread we just shared!