Budget Request Analysis Q3-2023


Providing a holistic overview of all proposals to help voters make an informed decision on Budget Requests.


All the data summarized here and more can be viewed in this presentation .

The calculations performed to get the numbers shown can also be reviewed in this sheet

Because of the timing of proposals this quarter and in an effort to deliver this report while relevant, we will not be going over all of the slides in this thread please see the presentation and spreadsheet for more details.


  • The team budget request process has been revised into the new PTBR format.

  • POOL requested is down from 138k POOL in Q2 to 30k in Q3.

  • Q3 sees a reduction in the number of requests, from 7 to 6.

  • $625k in funding requested for Q3, a +25% increase.

  • The core developers started a new team, Generations Software.

  • The Finance team was retired and some of the duties are proposed to be taken over by the Exec and Community teams

  • The audit budget for V5 remains unspent and held by PT Inc.

  • Prize liquidity for Q2 was sustainable.

  • Treasury stablecoin runway approximately 1 year

Note: the Generation Software proposal has already passed governance vote

Q2 spendable budget review summary


Runways determined by spendable budgets

  • POOL 34 quarters, 8.5 years
  • Stablecoins 2.8 quarters, 0.7 years

Runways determined by Q3 budget requests

  • POOL 135 quarters, 34 years
  • Stablecoins 4.3 quarters, 1.1 years

Average runway between spendable budget and Q3 funds requested

  • POOL 85 quarters, 21 years
  • Stablecoins 3.5 quarters, 0.9 years

Treasury additionally has 184 ETH, WETH/POOL POL, and other holdings that can be seen at info.pooltogether.com

Note these are only estimates calculated from proposed Q3 budgets and spendable budgets based on reported carryover amounts. The audit costs have been included in spendable budgets and represent a large share of the difference. Those costs have been included in several quarters and have not been spent and could reasonably be spread across one to two years based on previous protocol development.

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