Bridge as a service - solution for multi-chain POOL token

Bridge as a service - solution for multi-chain POOL token

About Allbridge

Allbridge is a cross-chain bridge supporting 14 different EVM and non-EVM chains. Since the mainnet launch, we’ve bridged over $6.2B.


We offer cooperation between Allbridge and Polltogether in POLL token bridging to make the use of the token more convenient.


The crypto world is rapidly developing and becoming more and more multi-chain. That is why the token POLL is deployed not only on the popular Ethereum chain, but also on the Polygon.

Users are increasingly opting for cheaper chains in order to optimize costs/increase profitability and very often it becomes necessary to move from one network to another.

A user can transfer a token from one chain to another using a bridge. But what are the ways to bridge tokens?

  • Go to the third-party bridges (Allbridge, Hop Exchange, Multichain, Stargate and others)
  • User can bridge token directly in the platform in this case

We are all familiar with the first option, but what if the project does not have its own bridge?


We offer to use out new product “BaaS” - bridge as a service. Our team can build a custom bridge for your POOL token that will be wholly owned by you and directly integrated into your platform.


  • no fees for users
  • integrated with your website
  • supports EVM-chains and Solana
  • bridge setup assistance and user support
  • 2 day setup and testing period
  • users stay on your platform


Now every project and user understands the importance of multichain and as we know the consumer always follows the path of least resistance. In this case, the path of least resistance is to stay on the platform and transfer the token to a user-friendly chain without spending on finding third-party applications.

More information about our product you can find here: Allbridge BaaS document - Google Docs

Hi Alex! Welcome to the forums.

We’re being very careful about we integrate into our application. When a user uses, they expect the site to be supported by the PoolTogether community. We cannot support something for which we have no understanding, knowledge, or control.

Additionally, by integrating third party products into the application we are exposing our users to more risk.

That being said, we want to help our users discover products in the PoolTogether ecosystem. We have created an index of PoolTogether apps on our Tools Site. We plan to expand this in the future to better highlight the amazing things that people are building.

If you guys wanted to build a PT-specific app that makes bridging easy I’m all for it! Let’s get it into our Tools site and get some exposure on it.

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Fully agree, the document attached states that you will have full control of the bridge and we will not have access to it. This is the main advantage in contrast to a third-party bridge. Because most projects either do not have a bridge (and users are looking for it themselves) or add a link to a third-party bridge.

Hey, Brendan! I propose to make a 15-minute call to discuss in detail the possibility and options for integration. Will it be convenient next week?