Brave ad-campaign for PT

Simple Summary

In a push to get PoolTogether in front of more potential users, we can run an ad-campaign leveraging Brave’s ads platform.


Run a simple push notification ad campaign on Brave at a cost of around $10,000 for 30 days. This can be paid in BAT token. (swap POOL for BAT?) The notification pops up as a desktop notification for Brave PC users or as a push notification on mobile.

Example ad below.


PoolTogether is firmly in the ‘growth’ stage of the protocol. It is in the DAO’s interest to market PoolTogether through as many avenues as possible to onboard more users and grow the pools.
The Brave ads platform leans crypto-native with Brave reporting 3/4 users of the platform owning crypto and being technology early adopters. But Brave continues to grow MAU and has a high click-through when compared to other ad platforms at 9%!
At last report Brave has 25 Million users.

Cost per Click (CPC) is extremely competitive at $0.20.

For reference, Googles Display Network (GDN, all of youtube, 2 million websites, basically Googles bread and butter) carries much higher CPC rates.


Brave can provide metrics to show how successful the campaign is over the 30 day period and inform our future ad-campaigns.


Currently communicating with brave adsales to find out possibility of running a campaign and hash out the details.
UPDATE 05/14/21: Brave adsales have said they cant work with us on a partnership :cry:, im pushing them to explain why and if we can do anything to make something work.
Decide on the content of the push notifications. 60 characters to sell PoolTogether to the masses!


The Brave Media Kit lays out the full process for running a Brave ad campaign.


I’ve never seen ads / ad popups in Brave (I’ve used it on Android / iOS / Linux / MacOS / Windows). Assume I locked down some default settings. Do you have any intel on what percent of their 25M MAU installed base would get to see this? What is the cost per impression?

Besides, is it possible to target the ads? E.g., only show it to people who have BAT rewards enabled? Or only people who have the crypto wallet enabled?

EDIT: I’m not implying that this is a bad idea. I know that it’s really difficult to earn BAT, so I would assume that the CPI is actually not too bad. Just haven’t done my own research.

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Interesting . Brave users need BAT pool.

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I use brave as my web browser of choice and I have the ads to 5 per hour which means Brave sends me 5 an hour and I get brave in return. This would an amazing idea because I have found so many awesome websites from this an example is I found blockfi which I now use. Could bring a lot of new users to pool.


Unfortunately there isn’t a good yield source for this, but when there is I’m all for it.


Brave is an amazing project, nice idea! I’ve had a similar use case as @sarge.


Hi @winner

Ive done a bit of research and updated the main thread to show Cost-per-Click (CPC) at $0.20. This is pretty competitive when compared to other web-based ads platforms. Brave has a pretty comprehensive media package in the Brave Media Kit that explains exactly how the ads work.

Brave is a private browser and doesnt gather information about users, but rather about overall browsing activity patterns. When you have Brave ads enabled which is totally optional, Brave will start showing targeted ads (based on browsing activity) at a rate of up to 5 per hour adjustable by the user. The user receives a small portion of BAT per ad served. The ad doesnt have to be clicked, just served, and they receive the BAT tokens as a reward.

Brave commands pretty high click-through rates so the hope would be that many clicks are turned into conversions, i.e future users and growth for Pools.

There are other intangible benefits to advertising too. Other than the direct and measurable ‘clicks’, there is the intangible benefit of increased brand awareness. Most users will not necessarily click on ads, but will subconsciously remember the brand, PoolTogether. Its the “oh, where have i seen that before?” effect. Its about building familiarity.

The most effective ad campaigns are run over years and decades. Think Coca Cola and McDonalds. Regardless of what you think of those brands, you damn well sure know what they are and what their product is, due to the incessant marketing :laughing:

Braves userbase does lean crypto-native. 3/4 of braves users are crypto users too, not necessarily of Braves on wallet, but just in general. They probably have metrics on how many metamask installs everybody has or something :upside_down_face: I dont think its necessarily a bad thing to market to crypto-natives, as crypto in general as a utility isnt really recognised by the general public as yet. So our focus could be to onboard as many of them as possible and let some word of mouth do the rest.


I like the Brave ad campaign. It exactly targets crypto community . and also it has high return on our POOL. :ok_hand:


FYI, Brave is serving me a Sushi ad today. However, I assume we’re not talking about the new tab page?

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Maybe a BAT Pool? Seems AAVE is paying 1.9% on deposits - perhaps its better to approach Brave (BAT parent) for a bootstrapping deposit and an ad buy? Develop/explore that kind of partnership where both can benefit? EarnCryptoInterest - Earn interest on BAT (Basic Attention Token)

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Yeah i seen that. Im gonna dig into their governance and see how that was accomplished.

This is an interesting idea. I can imagine a relationship with Brave where we automatically fund one of their addresses with BAT via a smart contract fueled by the reserve accrued in a BAT pool. In return, we get a perpetual ad campaign that runs as long as the BAT pool reserve could support it.


This is much better than what I had in mind. I like perpetual things in the PoolTogether eco system.