PTIP-63: Rapidly Grow Our User Base Through Strategic Partnership


Simple Summary

Welcome to Digm - Pool Together’s DAO-to-DAO growth partner.

Digm DAO is a modality to provide promotional services specifically to other DAOs. We don’t need a web2 agency to grow Pool Together’s user base. We need a DAO-to-DAO growth partner with experienced web3 growth ninjas.


Pool Together is building the next big thing in DeFi but you know competition for wallet space is tight. With so many newcomers joining crypto - how do you make sure they ape our project first? Memes and other forms of earned media are important, but advertising is the most direct way to make sure people learn of this project before someone else’s.

Digm DAO will manage Pool Together’s advertising spend effectively with the goal to drive brand awareness and new users.

We’re a team of experts with deep experience in AdTech and an extreme love for web3. In the web2 world we have helped clients generate over $4.5B+ in sales and have managed ad budgets as high as $90M/month. We want to take that experience and put it to work for worthy DAO projects.

While ad networks do their best to make operations simple, ad campaigns are easy to screw up. Like anything else it takes experience to develop the instincts in AdOps to make a campaign perform as best as possible, focus on the insights generated from the experiment and roll that knowledge into your next campaign.

We would like to make a proposal to the Pool Together community for Digm to join your DAO as it’s growth partner and begin managing an ad budget to promote Pool Together to a broader audience in order to increase the flow of new users into the protocol. The below is a draft proposal that we are posting here in order to get the community’s comments and feedback on.


Total Investment = $106,500
Investment Breakdown:

  • $90,000 BitMedia ad spend (in DAI or equivalent)
  • $3,000 ad creative (in DAI or equivalent)
    • Advertising assets: 6 core HTML5 ads - 3 variations each
  • $13,500 Digm DAO Fee
  • Central Messaging:
    • “ Win by saving - The crypto-powered savings protocol"
    • “Start saving & Win - Crypto Powered Savings”

BitMedia Ad Spend

  • BitMedia is a high performance crypto ad network with over 1B impressions per month and enables us to reach a highly relevant crypto audience of 20million+ worldwide
  • We have no affiliation with BitMedia; we chose this network for this specific campaign due to reach, past performance conveyed through their case studies and its acceptance of BTC

Creative Development

  • The quality of your ad creative can impact your entire campaign. Working with the top ad specific creative designers can make the difference between a wildly successful ad campaign and a complete flop. The Digm team has relationships with the top ad creative designers in the industry that will be creating Pool Together’s customized ads.

Digm DAO Fee

  • 15% of ad spend paid in DAI: Industry standard ad mgmt fees range from 15-30% we’re starting on the low end because this is a new concept. This fee covers staffing and pays for our time.

These ads will be created and run on a 1-3 Month timeline based on deliverability & optimization.

We focus on guidance, reporting and transparency so Pool Together bag holders can take informed positions.

  • Every two weeks from ad launch we’ll be exporting campaign performance data directly from BitMedia as a CSV and importing into a Google Spreadsheet that will be accessible to all
  • We will maintain a log of important activities as they occur (ie. modification to ads, budgets etc)
  • At the conclusion of the campaign, all reports and materials will be uploaded to IPFS for posterity

Digm Overview Deck:

##Poll: Partner with a DAO-to-DAO growth partner or find other ways to grow?

  • Partner with Digm & Fund an Initial Ad Budget in Order to Grow Pool Together’s User Base.
  • I love the idea but would like to modify something the proposal
  • Find other ways to grow our user base.

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Hi @Conductor, thank you very much for this proposal, but I believe it is too premature for PoolTogether to partner with a performance agency/DAO. That is not to say that we will not be extremely interested in working with performance partners in the future, but we need to build some foundations first. The key is that we want to make sure that every dollar we spend on acquisition generates maximum return.

However, before I would be comfortable endorsing working with any agency or DAO, I personally would need to get a much better understanding of that partner. Might I suggest an initial meeting with @tim @noxe @Major and myself to walk through your proposals and understand your DAO a little bit better.

My questions are more around your adtech/marketing stack. Both on the acquisition and conversion side. Your methodology around data driven personas and action based segmentation. How many content pieces you plan to create and how you plan to ammend/adjust them based on in-market response and things along those lines.

I am of course just one opinion, but I do think we need to have more discussion and more time before we can approve something like this.


@Conductor do you have any examples of similar collateral developed for web3 protocols, or effective campaigns through BitMedia? In lieu of that (I appreciate you’re looking to break into this space), some case studies from prior campaigns outside of web3?


Thanks @Conductor for your proposal! I’m excited to see that there is a DAO focusing on web3 native marketing experience.

PoolTogether has a Marketing Working Group that are experts in our product and possible campaigns and activations that can be done that are native to PoolTogether. Being domain experts, I think it’s essential that the Marketing Working Group first works with the Digm team to establish the first course of action.

Ideally I’d love to see:

  1. Digm work with the PT MWG to establish an initial scope of work that makes sense for our product and community.
  2. The MWG and Digm propose a PTIP for the budget for the scope of work.

Because the community will be consulted in the first step, if the engagement proceeds to a PTIP it would likely succeed. It’s much more likely than dropping a PTIP on an unsuspecting community :slight_smile:

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Hey Brendan! Agreed - We are still discovering the proper process for engaging fellow DAOs so apologies for the surprise drop :slight_smile: We had a fantastic call with Sean and Tim yesterday. Really good forward momentum. Looking forward to seeing what we are able to do together.