Analysis Of PoolTogether growth metrics


I just wanted to share an in depth analysis about PoolTogether growth strategy and metrics.

I see several initiatives being discussed in the forum (SWIM points, more quests etc) - we did the hard work to see how similar initiatives worked in the past.

As founding member of Tide protocol and author of the analysis, I was wondering if having real time access to such data and advanced quests (referral, on-chain SWIM points) would be valuable for the community

Happy to hear any feedback and discuss any potential step forward


gm @silviob,
thank you for the report and for coming on during our Community Call to present the results. These insights are highly appreciated!

I definitely want to highlight the recap. I love how some of it matches with the ideas that are flowing in the community already, so it seems like a good affirmation of our hypothesises.

To answer your question:

The simple answer is yes. Currently it is quite a lot of work to gather data from all the different sources that are available. We haven’t found a “one-fits-all” solution.

As there are many different people contributing to PoolTogether one of the blockers has always been the accessibility of data. One big need is still a public place where all this data is accessible for anyone who needs to dig into it.

Here are some data points we use (not all):

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gm @Tjark ,

Thanks for replying and I confirm that many of the points match the current discussion in the gov forum.

From my understanding, what is missing is an “on-chain performance marketing stack” to attach ROI to any PoolTogether initiative (particularly those that are on-chain) and monitor user-level metrics such as Daily Active Users, Retention, and demographics of wallets using PT (CRM).

The aim would be to support both growth decision initiatives and product roadmap.

We’ll probably draft a gov proposal to see whether there would be interest in such product - but we would be happy to hear more feedback here before

Thanks for this @silviob! Looking forward to Tide on The Deep End today.

Posted this yesterday about Growth at PoolTogether and @BraveNewDeFi has added some great insights: RFC: Hyperstructure GTM Discussion

For the time being, we’re focusing on the B2B side of things pursuing tokens, yield sources, wallets, and dapps.

On the B2C side the play is content marketing, integrations, incentives, and retention efforts, but we’ll push more on those when Hyperstructure is out in the wild.

Yes this would be an epic product. Dispatch attempted this and has since pivoted to web3 ecommerce, and I met with earlier this week as they’re developing a product that does this.

Would love to try referral campaigns with Hyperstructure since “I don’t have USDC on Polygon/Optimism” causes a lot of friction for me when trying to encourage in-person deposits.

I think the SWIM Points idea, along with recurring achievements, referrals, a leaderboard, and generative NFTs could be a great gamified way to use PoolTogether and contribute to community with friendly competition. I think we can find the right mix of these and get a whole campaign going, but I think this would be an even better combo with Hyperstructure launched.

Interesting insights! But, can you enlighten us how you managed to get 20k POOL holders:

In the same time, DeepDAO and TokenTerminal display 8.6k holders?

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8.6k are only the holders on Ethereum, I guess the 20k number includes L2 Chains as well.

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Hi Mark, thanks for the feedback

The holders are on Mainnet, Polygon and Optimism

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Hi everyone and thanks @Silviob for this analysis. I’m Locha, co-founder at Fuul ( We’re actually building a decentralized affiliate marketing protocol for projects like PoolTogether to launch referral and affiliate campaigns against on-chain conversion events.

Would love to present our solution to the community, how can I participate? This is my telegram @imlocha