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PoolTogether Improvement Proposal

A PTIP is a proposal to signal or effect change to the PoolTogether protocol. The objective for a PTIP is to engage the community so that we can come together on a decision regarding a specific topic and put it into action. It must be a complete proposal that is clear, concise, and unambiguous. Organizing the proposals in this way makes it easy to track and discuss changes to PoolTogether.

Below, we’ve outlined the initial framework for governance. This will be a living document/framework as we continue to expand and adapt as necessary.


PoolTogether Snapshot for POOL and PPOOL token holders
On-chain Proposals
POOL Prize Pool Snapshot for PPOOL token holders

Governance Process

The process for making change follows:

  1. Forum Post
  2. PoolTogether Snapshot
  3. On-chain Proposal

1. Forum post

All major discussions must start here in the form of a PTIP:

  • The topic must follow the name “PTIP-X” where X is the next largest PTIP id
  • When you create a new topic it will be populated with the PTIP template
  • You must include a poll to approve or reject

Once submitted, the PTIP should be open for discussion for at least 5 days (assuming it is well-formed). The PTIP can be left open for longer if the content is highly contested or no consensus for path forward is reached. During the early stages of expansion, we may move with greater agility.

After one week, a governance delegate will determine if consensus has been reached for the content of the PTIP. The forum poll must have reached a positive quorum of 20 votes.

If changes are necessary, they will comment with the full amended proposal and create a corresponding PoolTogether Snapshot vote.

2. PoolTogether Snapshot

PoolTogether Snapshot

Snapshot is a voting system that allows token holders to vote gaslessly. It is used for signaling; Snapshot votes do not change the protocol.

The PoolTogether Snapshot allows all POOL and PPOOL (POOL Prize Pool) token holders to vote gaslessly.

If the Snapshot vote passes with at least 100k votes, then it’s a strong signal that an on-chain proposal would pass. At this point the proposer can make an on-chain proposal as it’s clear the proposal would pass.

3. On-chain Proposal

When it comes time to create an on-chain proposal, the proposer must:

  1. Create a new PoolTogether Governance proposal that matches the specification outlined in the PTIP
  2. Create a corresponding POOL Pool Snapshot vote for the proposal.

The details of the PoolTogether Governance system are described in this Medium article.

The POOL Pool Snapshot allows pool ticket holders to participate in proposal voting. This pool’s voting power has been delegated to a Gnosis Safe multisig whose owners are community members. When there is an on-chain proposal there must be a corresponding vote in the POOL Pool Snapshot. The multisig must vote according to the result of the POOL Pool Snapshot.


The PTIP process is a modified version of Badger Improvement Proposals and Yearn Improvement Proposals.


2.If the Snapshot vote reaches a positive quorum of 100k votes, then then an on-chain proposal will be accepted.

there are currently only 61K tickets in the pool pool. is that ticket number dollar value? or number of pool tokens?

is this process going to be set in stone? i feel like if you have the ten K votes you should be able to make an official on chain proposal regardless of the snapshot vote. token holders should decide whether the rogue proposal passes or not.

or am i misreading this?

The key here is that it’s referring to the PoolTogether Snapshot, not the POOL Pool Snapshot. There are two.

The PoolTogether Snapshot represents all token holders, and so it easily should reach 100k vote if users are engaged.

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“2.If the Snapshot vote reaches a positive quorum of 100k votes, then an on-chain proposal will be accepted.”

This is just a guideline/best practice, right? I don’t think we can or want to enforce it.
Starting an on-chain proposal is permissionless, as long as the initiator has 10k delegated votes.
Once the proposal is on-chain, it will need 100k votes FOR to be implemented anyway.

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If the Snapshot vote has a positive quorum of 100k votes then that means it would pass if it was on-chain.

I’ll re-word it to make it clearer.

And yes, ultimately these are guidelines. Creating a proposal is permissionless, but if a user wishes to achieve quorum and pass the proposal they will want to first establish consensus. The best way to establish consensus is through a community-driven process.

A good example of this is for the proposer to always create a corresponding POOL Pool Snapshot vote, so that the PPOOL token holders can participate.