Proposal & Discussion: 1% quorum for Pure Snapshot Signalling

We’ve just started some pure Snapshot votes, and I realize that we’re breaking new ground. Our PTIP process does not have policies regarding pure Snapshot votes.

Pure Snapshot votes should be run on the pooltogether.eth Snapshot Space. It takes into account both POOL and PPOOL.

I propose we mirror our on-chain quorum of 1% for pure Snapshot votes (i.e. proposals that are simply signalling for a multisig)

For on-chain proposals, our Snapshot PPOOL votes require a 20% quorum. This is because the votes can easily be swung by a whale to effectively provide voting leverage.

This will apply to both PTIP-46: Forming the Treasury Working Group and PTIP-47: Prize Adjustments.

  • I approve of a 1% quorum for pure Snapshot signalling
  • I disagree, and I’ll explain why

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Sounds reasonable and logical to me. Thanks for proposing, this is good to clarify.