RFC: Executive-Team Renewal

This post seeks to inform the DAO that we, the executive team, intend to continue our operations as originally outlined. This is an optimistic renewal that requires minimal funding through grants, but publicly ensures via this forum post that there is no dispute from governance.

The exec-team was formed nearly six months ago. In that time our primary function has been to manage prize liquidity across networks. The results of a recent anonymous team survey show that we believe we have done well to fulfill governance orders and mandates while prioritizing security and operating in an efficient manner.

As lead I have proposed to the team to reduce my compensation by 20% to reflect a more accurate remuneration for the time and responsibility of the position. Team compensation would stay the same representing a minimum for the oncall nature of the work.

By minimizing gas costs and total transactions we will have approximately $6k USDC leftover from our initial 6 month budget. That should nearly see us through until the start of the first official DAO season on October 1st. Thus we will only be requesting POOL from the grants team in an amount roughly equating to $3,000 per month (~$8,000 total) and a small provision of USDC (estimated $2,000). Total cost being ~$10k.

The current team includes @Brendan , @drcpu , @Hook , @Lonser , @kames , @Leighton , @McOso , @Pierrick , @TheRealTuna and myself . A great team that acted to execute a transaction in as little as 15 minutes just this week! To stay robust we want to welcome @daboom to our team. @daboom brings our required confirmations back up to 7/11.

Moving forward
I want to welcome any comments, concerns, or feedback from the community in this thread. If there is no significant opposition we will continue with our compensation budget fulfilled from Pool Grants.


Sounds good to me!
Exec team has been doing its important job well as far as I can tell.

Also want to commend @underthesea for proposing to cut his own pay, not an easy thing to do.
Shows great values.


Thank you @underthesea. Happy to accept and looking forward to helping manage. Also, to @Torgin 's point, Iā€™d like to point out my comment in the initial formation of compensation for the Exec Team:
By you (underthesea) taking the initiative as you saw fit to reduce your compensation, it further confirms our pick of you for the lead. Pretty cool.