Reward POOl for new users!(offset the loss of GAS fees for new users)


Google Translate:
I suggest setting up POOL rewards for new users to offset the loss of GAS fees for new users。According to the current GAS cost involved in betting about 0.05 ETH, we can send 3 POOL as a reward to each new user who participates; at the same time, in order to prevent some people from smashing their wool, we can set a threshold for obtaining rewards for new POOL users (such as betting The amount needs to be higher than 200USD).


Whilst I do love the idea behind this I fear this can be exploited by a malicious actor(s) who would want to drain the POOL treasury unless there’s some measures put in to avoid spam from bots.

Plus it doesn’t take into consideration current gas prices, if the gas prices are stupidly high (e.g. 500 Gwei) that will cost a lot more to refund.

What could maybe work:

  • Limit refunds to when gas is below a certain level
  • Limit it to people with at least 100 followers on Twitter
  • People who wish to claim refund for gas have to verify themselves on Twitter first to prove they are a real user

Great idea - we started a similar initiative here that will be put up for proposal very soon:


platforms that do this have gained tons of support because gas prices are such a huge consideration.

absolutely should implement.

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I’d rather see a layer 2 solution.