Rebranding - Pool Win

My proposal ; Use a shorter name for the whole branding !
remove “together”
use domain ending .win


( domain is in my admin and i am willing to share the auth code to the PT core team for as little as 400 POOL ) :two_hearts:
( around the average airdrop amount )

lets go ! keep it short and simple !!! :hugs:

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What’s up friend! Why not make yourself a legend in the community and donate it to the DAO?


Why not 1 POOL (price of a .win domain)?

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@Tjark - how does someone donate a domain to the DAO? I registered pooltogether.finance earlier this year and redirected it.

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the authcode makes a domain transferable

I think this would be great!

No, definitely not. Pool.win sounds a bit scammier than PoolTogether. On this question, I like .com.

Also, this is a bit opportunistic since you own the domain. No good, and not in the spirit of this community to do something like that.

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awesome! that’s the spirit! :love_letter:

I’m honestly not sure if we have a clean process for this yet, but since you are a stakeholder of the DAO you could hold it in your best intentions for PoolTogether. Anoother option would be to transfer ownership to one of the Committees like PoolGrants or the newly emerging Marketing Working Group, imo.

@Tjark, the Marketing Working Group would probably be best so that it could be put to use. Keep me posted. I’m here to help.