Code Arena is Dropping a Gov Token

Code Arena is PoolTogether’s auditing partner.

  • We began the relationship with PTIP-16
  • We started a long-term partnership in PTIP-30
  • Continued the long-term partnership recently in PTIP-44

One of the reasons I love Code Arena is that it was always meant to be a community: a place where security-conscious people can come together to make money and learn about auditing and security best practices. Funding from audits and sponsorships strengthens and grows the community.

Code Arena is now formalizing as a DAO by launching a governance token. This will allow important members of the community to have concrete input on DAO decisions.

Because of our partnership, PoolTogether will be receiving a portion of the governance token airdrop. The airdrop will be occurring on Polygon, so I’ve asked C4 to allocate the tokens to the Executive Team’s Safe on Polygon. I do not yet know the allocation.

Once the dust settles from the drop, I will ask the PoolTogether community to delegate the voting power of those tokens to me. As the manager of that partnership and my direct involvement with C4, I believe I’m the best candidate for inter-governance relations.


That’s awesome news!

I do agree that you are very likely to be the best person for us to delegate to, however I think it’s important that we also give other people the chance to earn the delegation of the DAO.

If someone wants to pitch themselves on why they are the best delegate, we should give them a fair shot at it.

So I’d suggest that if someone does want to pitch themselves, they do it in this thread. If no one else does so by the time we receive the tokens, @Brendan wins by default as the only candidate.

I vote for Brendan as delegate!


Are PoolTogether users receiving a drop? Or just pt inc?

The PoolTogether Protocol will be receiving the tokens.


We should be grateful to have you. Financial Safety is locked into PoolTogether’s values and I think you are a big factor in why the protocol is being as safe as it is. As far as I know PoolTogether remains still unhacked as one of a few DeFi protocols.


Fully support delegating the voting power to Brendan, he’s brokered the relationship and maintained it.

In some rare instance where a vote could impact PoolTogether (no idea what that could be but hey stranger things have happened), I have full confidence that Brendan would bring that to the community with a well thought through summarization of the pros and cons.