PTIP-57: Delegate Voting Power of C4 $ARENA Tokens to Brendan

Simple Summary

This proposal will direct the Executive Team to delegate the voting power of the $ARENA tokens on Polygon to @Brendan.


Code Arena is a community that holds software auditing contests. PoolTogether partners with C4 to run auditing contests to reduce risk in new smart contract code. I’ve been managing the C4 relationship since the beginning, and work closely with the C4 team to coordinate new audits for the PoolTogether Protocol.

The $ARENA token was airdropped to the PoolTogether Protocol recently. This is a governance token that allows token holders to help steer the C4 Community DAO. The executive team holds the token in their Safe on Polygon.

The voting power of the $ARENA token can be delegated to a single address. This proposal will delegate the voting power to Brendan, as he manages the C4 relationship and is best positioned to act in the interests of PoolTogether.


This proposal will execute the ‘delegate’ transaction on the $ARENA token and direct voting power to 0xA57D294c3a11fB542D524062aE4C5100E0E373Ec.


  • Yes, let’s delegate our C4 votes to Brendan
  • No

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All hail the God-Emperor Brendan!

On a serious note: Great that we’re confirming the delegation through a vote :ok_hand: