PTIP-30: Long-Term Partnership with C4

PTIP-30: Long-Term Partnership with C4

Code 423n4 facilitated an auditing contest for PoolTogether that ran from June 16 to June 23, 2021. The contest was funded by PTIP-16. The contest went smoothly and yielded some great results. Now that we’ve tested the waters with C4, we can jump in and partner with them long-term.


This proposal will withdraw 150,000 USDC from sponsorship and transfer it to the C4 team as credit for future audits. This commitment will unlock the ability to run ‘micro-audits’.


PoolTogether has a steady stream of minor and major releases that need auditing. Every few weeks to a month we have new code that needs scrutiny. Every couple of quarters we have a major release that needs a full audit. To ship rapidly, we need short lead times and fast turnaround on the audits. We can’t wait months for one massive audit.

Code 423n4 and the PoolTogether Inc. team have worked out a partnership that benefits both parties: PoolTogether will commit to future C4 engagements and in return be given more flexibility with the ability to run ‘micro-audits’. Micro-audits are smaller scopes of work with shorter contest durations. The new ‘micro-audit’ contests will run alongside standard contests throughout the week. This will allow us to move quickly.


This proposal will withdraw 150,000 USDC from sponsorship and transfer it to the C4 team. This payment will be used as credit for future audits and unlock the ability for us to run ‘micro-audits’.

Micro-audits are audits that are small, iterative additions to a project that has been previously audited by C4. Our commitment will grant us special pricing for micro-audits; allowing us to have prize pools as small as 20k USDC.

The PoolTogether Inc. team will be managing the engagements and scope of work. We will announce audits when they are scoped.


A single up-front payment to C4 shows our commitment and minimizes governance involvement.

Technical Specification

  1. Withdraw 150,000 USDC in sponsorship from the USDC Prize Pool
  2. Transfer 150,000 USDC to C4


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  • Yes, let’s engage with C4 on these terms
  • No, I disagree and will explain why below

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Can I have a “Heck YES!” option? I can’t see a better way to utilize funds for long term foundational strength of the protocol.


Voting Started

Voting has begun on this PTIP in a proposal that combines several non-contentious PTIPs.

This proposal includes PTIP-27 Part II, PTIP-29, PTIP-30 and PTIP-31.

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