[RFC] TLD domain using punk.domains

Let’s mint our .pool domain name.

Punk Domains allows you to register a domain name attached to your account address.

Every top-level domain (like .web3, .spartan, .klima) within the Punk Domains
protocol can be owned by a different entity. Which makes it perfect for DAOs and communities.

Why would we mint our own TLD?
I see two good reasons at this time (considering that the integration to Metamask is not done yet)

1: Representing the Pool Community

Our DAO has very active and excited community members. If we decide to create a top-level domain (TLD) on Punk Domains called .pool.

Having our own domain can provide the community members with a stronger sense of unity. Members can mint domain names (or usernames) such as mon.pool, leigthon.pool, underthesea.pool, etc., which increases their feeling of belonging to the common cause.

Also, our community members can use their domain names as usernames on platforms like Twitter, and this way increase the awareness about our DAO - similar to how .eth helped increase awareness about Ethereum outside the crypto space.

2: Starting an alternative revenue stream

It also gives the Community Team source of income. Revenue from minting domains goes directly to the PoolTogether Community Team funds wich than can be use for events or rewards some contests.

As the TLD owner, we can also mint domains for free, which is very useful as a reward for the community.

How would we do that?

This service is provided by punk.domains

We have two options to pay for the service:
The first option would be to pay upfront
That would cost $3000 for the whole setup. But if we want additional frontend design changes, we would have to make it ourself.

The second option would be to have royalties at every domain mint

It would be a $0 setup fee, and then 30% royalties for every domain mint.
We would use the Optimism chain and minting price is up to us

Please check the punk.domains FAQ for more information.

  • Option A: We pay the upfront
  • Option B: We use the 30% royalties solution
  • I rejet the Idea (please explain why)

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That is a very cool idea! Thanks for bringing it up. I like that the newly obtained structure opened new ways of thinking about revenue.

Personally, I can’t yet think of an estimate of how many poolers would consider minting a domain for what price.

The price of an ENS domain for five years is 0.016 ETH (currently about $25).
3000 / 25 = 120
So to break even, we would need to sell 120 domains.

Based on that, I believe we could be better off with using the 30% royalties solution.

Overall I am for doing this!

To extend the first example’s math:
By going with the royalties option (based on a$25 mint price) we would earn $17.5 per domain.
After 120 mints to reach break even, the royalties option would have earned $2100 (12017,50)
17,50 = $2100

We can take these 2100 and divide them by the mint price of $25 (which we’d get if we pay $3k upfront).
$2100 / 25 = 84

So overall, the upfront option would start to be more beneficial after 204 mints if the mint price is $25.

$25 might already be pretty pricey for some poolers, too.

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Thx Noxe for making this possible!
I’m in favour of the 30% option! :slight_smile:

first of great find here @Noxe … Im also favor of doing it through option B

This sounds cool! I want to look into Punk Domains more and make sure it is not something that can be rugged. There has been some controversy lately with Unstoppable Domains because some of their domains turned out to be stoppable.


Hey Leighton, sorry for a late response. The Punk Domains protocol architecture is modular. Each domain extension is a separate smart contract, created through a factory contract (similar to how Uniswap pools are created through a factory contract).

This means that each domain extension can have a different owner (a DAO or a web3 community) that has a full control over its extension. For example, in your case the PoolTogether DAO would own the .pool domain extension smart contract.

This is in stark contrast with how Unstoppable Domains work, where all domain extensions are in a single smart contract, and where UD controls (and can change) the metadata. With Punk Domains this is not the case.

You can read more about our architecture in this article: Modular Architecture | Punk Domains Docs

We believe in open source and building in public, all our code is accessible on our GitHub account: Punk Domains · GitHub

Please let me know if you have any additional questions, I’m happy to answer :slight_smile:

Tempe Techie, core dev @ Punk Domains

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Minting is Live on https://names.pooly.me

OpenSea Collection

Community Gnosis safe: 0x6ce6986ff28bfed84a911682cdb127becb9fc88a

20% to Punk Domains
80% to Community Gnosis safe

Feedback are welcome