PTIP-58 Exec-Team Add drcpu & Clarify Compensation

PTIP-58 Exec-Team Add drcpu & Clarify Compensation

Simple Summary

  1. Adding @drcpu to the exec-team
  2. Correction to total POOL funding
  3. Clarifying compensation to be priced at funding


@drcpu is a the doctor of V4 data. Originally @drcpu was on the exec-team but missed an opt-in due to time zone differences. This proposal will put him back on the team where he can help forecast prize liquidity and sign transactions on the gnosis safe.

The original funding budget for the executive-team was miscalculated. This proposal provides a solution and clarification to enable compensating the team as originally outlined.

The POOL part of the compensation budget was not specified if it should be priced at funding or at distribution. This proposal clarifies POOL will be priced at distribution.

Technical Specification

The exec-team will add @drcpu as a signer to the gnosis safe. He will be added to the team Discord channel as well.

POOL will be paid to the team priced at distribution. For example if POOL is $5 each team member will receive 40 POOL ($200). If when monthly compensation is distributed POOL is $50 then each member will receive 4 POOL ($200).

The total POOL budget from PTIP-53 should have been 5,664 POOL - the team received 3,240. The additional 2,424 POOL will come from the 2,500 POOL previously held by the poly-ops team. This POOL is already on the gnosis safe and this PTIP only adds clarity to complete the budget.


This forum poll to be followed by a Snapshot (not an on-chain vote) that now includes Polygon POOL holders!

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