PoolTogether on L2 or Sidechains

Everyone knows and some of us feel the pain of Ethereum fees…

I am open to different solutions, but atm I’m more inclined to support any proposal for Polygon integration. I like the direction they are heading as they are looking to become Ethereum’s “Internet of Blockchains”. Polygon also has an interesting partnership with $AAVE, plus there is already a lending protocol running on their mainnet Easyfi Network.

Just my suggestion,


For me pooltogether is a great betting and savings concept, but with these High Eth fees it is likekely to die? 200dollar Eth fees to add 200$ Uni tokens?
Going to buy crypto add uni with Apple Pay /Debit card as this has lower fees , crazy.
All major projects snx, bao Will go to layer2. or even other blockchain…
I presumed 20-100 Weekly/monthly adding bets should be possible, not with these Eth fees…

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Yes, we need L2, just checked and 62$ to deposit tickets… :confused: