POOL Depositer Distribution Milestone Boost version

An idea for a model that rewards rapid growth. This could be something in place for 6 months or 1 year. It would be good to keep foot on the gas for our first year of liquidity mining and keep the APY from dropping off as we grow. Price rise of POOL could boost APY even further and keep things nice and smooth. It would give users reason to celebrate milestones and create positive sentiment. Also keep the dumping whales from taking advantage and they will still be rewarded nicely.

POOL Depositor Distribution Alternative
500 POOL per day starting at implementation
600 POOL per day at 50M TVL
700 POOL per day at 75M TVL
800 POOL per day at 100M TVL slight growth drop at 100M
850 POOL per day at 125M TVL
900 POOL per day at 150M TVL

POOL pool
1000 per day
growth rate TBD

100/day +25 at various milestones

New governance pools (ZRX+BAT+BADGER+WBTC+ETH+USDT to start)
50/day +25 at various milestones

Just an idea, if it is difficult to implement or community is not in favour I will happily vote to move forward with another previously discussed plan.