Should DAI and USDC liquidity mining POOL rewards be amended?

  • Keep at 2,295
  • Lower than 2,295
  • Lower than 1,700
  • Lower than 1,500
  • Lower than 1,000

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Amazing distribution of opinions on this. Not really sure how someone would make a proposal with this information. Perhaps it requires more discussion.

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Maybe somewhere like 1300-1500 is the compromise

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I think we should keep it as it continues to attract liquidity = more eyes. If we decrease the liquidity then I fear people might drop off which makes the prizes smaller = more drop off, creating a feedback loop. >.<

There has been a sustained period where no additional liquidity has came over despite very attractive yields; it appears the protocol is overcompensating the current liquidity while no new liquidity comes over.

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More than 70% of users think that the current POOL rewards are too high. I think the reward should be reduced by at least half.

If our goal is to get to 1B TVL like what @leighton has in mind for, decreasing the rewards will certainly make people go somewhere else. Even with the current rewards scheme, the APY is only a modest 37 to 47% APR for the stable coin pools. Decreasing that will certainly make TVL drop even more.

Also I think the poll is skewed – it only shows current rewards and downwards from there. I think we should conduct a pool where there are options to increase the pool size and see what the community votes on.