Listing POOL on LATOKEN via co-marketing

My name is Aigerim - Growth Manager from LATOKEN.

We would like to list your POOL token on our LATOKEN!

Your POOL token is in demand with our traders. It is going to be 100% discounted for you. But of course we can conduct for your token any marketing activity like airdrop, trading competition, users generated giveaway campaign, staking etc to increase the virality of your token and our more than 2 million community will be able to trade your token.
Moreover, Zero-fee account might be provided if you want to do market making.

  • we have 1m instals 25k 5 stars reviews in android
  • Coingecko position is in top 30 liquidity is in top 20 - 30 by CMC metrics
  • ex CFO JP Morgan on board, SEC Chair, 2 presidents our speakers

Is there a responsible person that can contact me?