Llama Treasury Update (8/6)

Llama Treasury Updates

Going forward, Llama will provide weekly updates on the forum to keep the PoolTogether community informed on our progress.

After the update is posted on the forum, we will share the link in the PoolTogether Discord Treasury channel. On each community call, we will also provide community updates and field any questions.

Here is the update that was shared on Friday (8/6) in the Treasury channel and on the weekly community call:

Here’s Llama’s weekly progress report. We will be on the community call today, as well, to give everyone an overview.

Llama has established a framework for the report, and our working group is evaluating existing options available. Some of the protocols we are looking into right now:
⮞ Maple Finance | under-collateralized lending
⮞ UMA | range tokens
⮞ Iron Bank | under-collateralized lending
⮞ JellyFi | under-collateralized lending
⮞ Ondo Finance | fixed rate products

We will also look into possible use cases for Ruler Protocol. With respect to C.R.E.A.M. v2 (Iron Bank): there’s a backlog of requests to be whitelisted on the Iron Bank, and they are working through requests.

This week has centered around financial products, and we will look into tokenomics next week. PTIP-27 has passed since we began our research, and we will factor in the current buyback plan into our report; we will explore other buyback structures.

Does the PoolTogether have additional strategies/protocols that Llama can explore and include in our report?


UMA also has Success tokens and KPI Options that might be worth looking into.

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We did talk with UMA about Success Tokens, and I know we’ve discussed possible ways to utilise KPI Options as well. I will make a note about this, and we can follow up on the community call this Friday. Thanks for the input, @TheRealTuna :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey guys! It’s Katya from the Maple team. We are happy to answer any questions + provide support as needed. Feel free to ping us @maplefinance on Twitter or pop into our Discord Maple