Llama Treasury Update (8/27)

Happy Friday! It’s time again for the weekly update from Llama DAO.

This week, the Llama working group has been compiling and finalising the treasury management report. We are finishing our analysis on POOL drip and writing up our recommendations for the PoolTogether community.

Preliminary POOL Drip Analysis

Jack has the token holder query finished, and this shows the current state of everything pool token holders have done, except “transfer POOL to another address.” This information isn’t included because it is difficult to distinguish simple transfers from arbitrary contract interactions, so only well-defined contract interactions and total balances are included.

Here’s a Google Sheet with the same data. Assuming people aren’t funnelling POOL to other accounts to sell, we can say that the max drip POOL that they’re directly selling is min("Amount Sold", "Drip Received"); if you take that and divide that by the total drip that they’ve done, you get 10.67%. Taking a similar heuristic regarding it getting funnelled into pPOOL, we get 22.25% max direct drip into pPOOL.

This disregards any sort of temporal effects (e.g., someone can sell before they even receive the drip and we can’t tell the difference in that query), so these numbers are the absolute highest they can possibly be.

This information will be analysed in greater detail and included in the report.

Treasury Management Report

We will have the report compiled, finalised, and ready for the community’s review for the Community Call next week.

We will provide an update during the Community Call later today.

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What an interesting data set! Thanks @BraveNewDeFi for the update! I’m looking forward to the analysis.


Woah, the POOL drip into pPOOL stat is super interesting. I know that there are a lot of assumptions that have to be made here due to the nature of reading address balances over time etc, but if its anywhere near that number thats still one of the most illuminating insights you guys have provided so far.

Can’t wait to see the full report in all its glory.

Update: Llama will have to push the release date for the report to Tuesday (9/7). One of our working group members has a personal matter to handle, and it will impact our release date slightly.